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Need to understand AP Chemistry concepts? Prepping for the SAT Chemistry Subject Test? Studying for college chemistry mid-terms? Just want to do some carbon bonding?

We can help.

At Noodle Pros, our chemistry tutors have PhDs, are cancer researchers, and attend medical school. Beyond stellar qualifications, though, we share a passion for teaching students to understand and love chemistry, by clearly explaining concepts, patiently working through problems, and drawing connections to other subjects and real-life examples.

We've worked with all types of students on all types of chemistry needs. Whether it's prepping for a high-stakes test, or seeking a deeper understanding of your chemistry course syllabus, we have the right tutor to help you achieve your goals.

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Noodle Pros Chemistry Specialists

  • 15 years of tutoring experience

  • BA in Astrophysics from the University of California, Berkeley

  • Works as a cancer reseracher at Columbia University Medical Center

  • Also tutors physics, biology, math, SAT, ACT, MCAT

  • Available in New York, NY and online

  • 11 years of tutoring experience

  • PhD in Chemisty from The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Specializes in science and math tests

  • Available in Rye, NY and online

  • 32 years of tutoring experience

  • BS in Electrical Engineering

  • Taught and tutored the SAT chemistry Subject Test

  • Also tutors ACT Math, ACT Science, SAt Math, AP Statistics, and AP Chemistry

  • Available in New York, NY and online

  • 7 years of tutoring experience

  • MS in Electrical Engineering from The University of British Columbia

  • Believes the best way of preparing is personal and customized

  • Also tutors the ACT, SAT, AP Calculus, GMAT, and GRE

  • Available in Seattle, WA and online

  • 14 years of tutoring experience

  • BS in chemistry and Astronomy and MS in Medical chemistry

  • Was sponsored by NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Grant program

  • Also tutors the ACT, SAT, AP Biology, AP Calculus, and MCAT

  • Available in New York, NY and online