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Applying for Accommodations on the SAT/ACT
One of the challenges of the junior year in high school for many parents is getting clearance for their children to receive extended time or other accommodations on the PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, or the AP Exams (Advanced Placement exams).
28 September, 2020
5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Improve Student Success
What is mindfulness, you ask? Mindfulness is an elegant word for paying attention to the present moment without being distracted by what’s happening either inside of you (your thoughts and body sensations) or around you.
21 September, 2020
10 Mnemonic Devices That Every Elementary Schooler Will Remember
Want to give your youngster some fun ways to commit lesson content to memory in the elementary grades? She’ll enjoy learning these ten mnemonic tricks spanning several subjects. Use these mnemonic devices to help students memorize some basic facts.
14 September, 2020
How to Succeed in College: 7 Things Every College Student Should Do
To help you advance along your learning curve, here are seven practices that answer the question, "how to succeed in college."
10 September, 2020
4 Tips to Ease Test Anxiety
Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety. It can affect us at any age, but children in elementary school are especially likely to be anxious about test-taking. Many students experience negative thoughts and fear of failure associated with test-taking. Here are 4 tips to help ease test anxiety.
08 September, 2020
4 Parenting Tips: How to Yell Less and be Heard More
Yes, it's true-even good parents yell! We are frustrated, we feel ignored and despite our strong parenting skills, we quickly escalate to yelling out of desperation. Here are 4 Parenting Tips to help you yell less and be heard more.
07 September, 2020