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3 Solid Strategies For Deciding When to Take Your SAT or ACT
Determining when it’s best to take the SAT (developed and produced by College Board, like the PSAT) or the ACT (developed and produced by really comes down to when you’ll have time to prepare for the college admissions process and to properly organize your junior and senior year priorities.
07 December, 2020
Do SAT Subject Tests Actually Matter?
The Subject Tests are a series of one-hour exams that focus on a variety of academic subjects.
30 November, 2020
How to Make a Career Change at 40 and Still Succeed
One would imagine that at 40, you are already approaching the peak of your career. If you have started a career choice after college in your twenties or graduate school in your thirties, by forty, you would have established yourself in your chosen career path. What then happens if you feel you need to make a career change at this age? While we will not ignore the challenges involved in changing careers mostly when you have gone a long way in one career path, we would like to put it out there th
23 November, 2020
10 Things NOT to Do on a College Application
When it comes time for you to apply to college, there are certain common mistakes you should always avoid, from typos to asking the wrong teacher for a letter of recommendation. Read to learn how you can prevent some of these common college application mistakes.
19 November, 2020
Why Good Grades Don’t Always Match Good Test Scores
Often, grades are not the best predictors of standardized test scores. How can this be? Shouldn't good grades mean good test scores?
16 November, 2020
SAT vs ACT: Which One Should I Take?
People have started choosing the SAT or ACT based on strategy and information. Leading us to the question: How do you determine which test is the best fit for you? The best way to determine which test is best for a given student is to have the student take both tests or a diagnostic assessment.
09 November, 2020