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SSAT and ISEE Prep for Private, Independent, and Boarding School Admissions
For many families, the independent, private, and boarding school admissions process can be intimidating. And that’s probably an understatement: this process tends to feel a bit like arm-wrestling an octopus, only the octopus is cheating. Not only does each individual school have its own set of admissions policies and procedures, but many also include a requirement to submit standardized test scores. This often puts parents in the unfortunate position of having to tackle the standardized test pre
19 October, 2021
Optimizing Your ISEE Testing Schedule
There’s nothing quite like the ISEE testing schedule, and honestly, that’s probably for the best. Until fairly recently, students could only take the ISEE once per school year, which made total sense; after all, nothing says "reliable indicator of your future success in school” like your performance during exactly one three-hour period on a single random day. Fortunately, this is no longer the case! The ERB now divides the calendar year into three ‘testing seasons' [
13 October, 2021
Optimizing Your SSAT Testing Schedule
Constructing an ideal testing schedule for the SSAT is far more straightforward than doing likewise for the ISEE, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Even just trying to navigate the SSAT’s labyrinthine (complimentary vocab word preview!) website can feel like an adventure unto itself. Fortunately, your friendly neighborhood test experts are here with some helpful tips on optimizing your SSAT testing schedule. For the paper-based Middle Level and Upper Level tests, the SSAT is offered on six Stand
04 October, 2021
Pro Tips for Approaching the Personal Statement Given COVID-19
By Kevin Trudel of Moon Prep Academy Your Personal Statement plays a vital role in the consideration of your college application. For the Common Application, the most widely used application system, it is a 650 word-essay that allows for a holistic review of your application. It is an opportunity for the Admissions Office at a university to get to know you personally, to understand what type of person you are beyond your transcript, scores, or activities. For many universities, the importanc
30 September, 2021
The PSAT: An Overview of the Practice Test & Prep
The Preliminary SAT, which is also called the PSAT/NMSQT [] or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, is part of the College Board’s suite of assessments for college preparedness. The PSAT test serves two primary purposes: it prepares students for the SAT while simultaneously providing a scholarship opportunity. The format of the test and the questions themselves are similar to what students can expect to find
16 September, 2021
Seven Things No One Tells You About Being A BS/MD Student
Becoming a medical student is a huge accomplishment on its own, but once you've made it into the program of your choice there are still many surprises that will come your way. As ominous as this sounds, some surprises are pleasant. Our team connected with Moon Prep Academy to discuss the nuances of being a medical student that aren't typically discussed. 1. There is no “Cookie-Cutter” BS/MD Student There is genuinely no specific checklist to ensure a spot in a BS/MD program. If I had to hi
03 September, 2021