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The PSAT: An Overview of the Practice Test & Prep
The Preliminary SAT, which is also called the PSAT/NMSQT [] or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, is part of the College Board’s suite of assessments for college preparedness. The PSAT test serves two primary purposes: it prepares students for the SAT while simultaneously providing a scholarship opportunity. The format of the test and the questions themselves are similar to what students can expect to find
16 September, 2021
Seven Things No One Tells You About Being A BS/MD Student
Becoming a medical student is a huge accomplishment on its own, but once you've made it into the program of your choice there are still many surprises that will come your way. As ominous as this sounds, some surprises are pleasant. Our team connected with Moon Prep Academy to discuss the nuances of being a medical student that aren't typically discussed. 1. There is no “Cookie-Cutter” BS/MD Student There is genuinely no specific checklist to ensure a spot in a BS/MD program. If I had to hi
03 September, 2021
SSAT Test Prep: An Overview & Breakdown
The SSAT, or Secondary School Admission Test, [] is a standardized test used in the admissions process for private and independent schools. With over 50 expert SSAT tutors, our community is able to guide students efficiently towards their optimal test score. Our team of career tutors know the test inside and out. We tailor our tutoring efforts to fit each individual student in order to focus on both strategies and SSAT test content. The term “standardi
25 August, 2021
MBA Programs: The Value of Attending Grad School in the U.S. vs Europe
Many undergraduate students get to the point in their schooling when they begin to question the importance of attending graduate school in regards to their own career path. In recent decades, attending graduate programs abroad has become an increasingly popular and valid option. As the validity of European master’s programs continues to solidify in the eyes of employers, many students may be wondering what the key differences are in an MBA obtained in the U.S. as opposed to in Europe, as well a
16 August, 2021
SAT Strategies: 3 Techniques to Master the Writing & Language Section
Despite the article title, the SAT Writing & Language section [] does not require you to actually write anything. Instead, it tests your ability to pick effective writing using the proper grammar, punctuation, and rhetoric from a series of identical multiple choice answers. The overarching thing students should remember when going over this section is to stop thinking about “what sounds best” or how you personally wou
12 August, 2021
How Business Majors Can Stay Sharp This Summer: 5 Suggestions From Moon Prep
Summer can be one of the best times for students to take their learning outside of the classroom. Students can dedicate time to learning a new skill, gaining hands-on experience, or building relationships to learn more about their future career path. One field that has become increasingly popular for both high school students and adults is entrepreneurship. Here is how business majors can stay sharp during the summer and practice their skills. Take A MOOC Course Free online courses can be a low
30 July, 2021