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How Assistive Technologists Help Students with Disabilities
Assistive Technologists (ATs) use technology tools and devices to support the educational, cognitive, and physical development of people with learning disabilities and increase accessibility.
23 October, 2020
Feminism for First-Graders, and Other Ways to Support Early Gender Equity
Experts in child development and social psychology tell us that most children don't embrace a gender identity until they're about 2 or 3 years old. If you are not fixed on relatively recent trends in color palettes, a baby’s sex should really only be an issue at diaper-changing or bath times.
20 October, 2020
7 Educational Activities To Do On Your Car Ride
Car ride activities are great for road trips but certainly don’t have to be reserved for long car rides. When it comes to fun activities that are short, educational, and can be played from the comfort of a car seat, your imagination’s the limit.
16 October, 2020
Must-Know Facts for Starting Your Law School Application
The law school application process is evaluated on your LSAT, your GPA, and other factors. Here, I'll break down each component of the law school application and explain what you'll need to know.
14 October, 2020
4 Ways an Academic Manager Can Help With Remote Learning
An academic manager is a person who works one-on-one with your child to assist with the day-to-day tasks associated with remote learning. Academic managers can have different levels of involvement depending on the age of your child or your preference as the parent.
12 October, 2020
Getting Organized for Back to School: Children with Special Needs
Getting ready for the new school year can be hectic no matter what. But having a child with special needs means there are a few additional things to think about. Here are a few general tips to help keep your special needs student on a track to success for the upcoming school year:
08 October, 2020