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The SAT: What Parents Should Know
Most parents come into the college admissions process with a lot of questions. There’s a dizzying array of information to digest. And whether you prepped extensively for the SAT yourself or never took it, much has changed over the past few decades--in both the test itself and the admissions environment it occupies. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of important points for parents to consider when gearing up for the test prep process. This article doesn’t so much cover answers to parents
14 May, 2021
What is Executive Function?
Executive function, also known as self-regulation, consists of those thinking skills we use to stay focused, control our impulses, plan short- and long-term, and adapt to new information. Most people only notice their own executive functioning when they experience a lapse in it. You may have had the familiar experience of planning to stop at the store on the way home from work, but accidentally driving home by habit. Another example would be going to the pantry to grab an ingredient for a dish,
11 May, 2021
Selective College Admissions: What You Should Know About Test Optional
The topic of test optional is everywhere in college admissions conversations these days. Because it seems like everything you knew about admissions is changing, it can be hard to know whether you are giving yourself or your student their best opportunity to succeed. Yet with change come both challenges and opportunities; Noodle Pros can help you decode the mysteries of the potentially permanent transition to a test optional application process. The History Behind the SAT & the ACT The origins o
04 May, 2021
Did You Get In? An Etiquette Guide for College Admissions
By: Kathryn DeBros Nothing about senior year of high school year seems easy. On top of classes (and maintaining a solid grade point average [GPA]) and extracurricular activities, you’ve spent months on the admissions process-- the college search, filling out paperwork, writing essays, asking for recommendations, and sending forms in order to complete the college application process.  Completing the Common Application and meeting application deadlines is hard work! Now, you may be in the middle
03 May, 2021
How to Find External Scholarships
by Seth Czarnecki With American student debt now over $1 trillion, many families of college-bound students are forced to get creative when it comes to funding their child’s education. One pathway that has become increasingly popular is that of the external, or outside, scholarship. What Is an External Scholarship? External scholarships for college differ from those provided by a university in that private donors, foundations, or businesses fund them. The amount of money awarded can range from
26 April, 2021
8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year of College
By Noodle Staff They say that hindsight is 20/20, and I guess that's a phrase for a reason. Especially when it comes to your freshman year of college. There are definitely a few pieces of advice that we all wish we got before stepping onto campus for the first time for our first year of college.  College is a brand new experience and along with it comes lots of new situations. It’s normal to make mistakes and these mistakes absolutely help us grow. The following is a selection of some of the th
12 April, 2021