Your Life In Tests

Your Life In Tests

08 March, 2018

If you’re currently in school (or the parent of someone who is), you know that standardized tests are a fact of life for academics of all ages. Many students will have taken half-a-dozen or more admissions exams by the time they reach their high school commencements — and that’s not counting Regents Exams, AP’s, and other school, district, or state-wide assessment tests.

Here at Noodle Pros, we pride ourselves on having helped students and families through just about every test that exists. The standardized exams below are some of the country’s most commonly required admissions tools, and some of the most in-demand subjects for our corps of professional tutors. Use this guide to determine the test(s) you or your child might be taking based on grade level, and try not to panic. Remember: we’re in this together.

Your Life… In Standardized Tests

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KC Wright
KC is a writer and educator for Noodle Pros, and is currently earning her MA in Educational Theatre and English at NYU's Steinhardt School. She is from a big family of gifted and 2E kids (and...

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