Noodle Pros Editorial Guidelines

Noodle Pros Editorial Guidelines

16 March, 2018

Noodle Pros


The Noodle Pros editorial staff invites contributions from experts in the fields of education, admissions, test-prep, and academic advising for the Noodle Pros blog, #ProTipsContent spans a wide variety of topics, and contributors are encouraged to demonstrate individual opinions and expertise within the following editorial guidelines:


Blog posts and articles should aim for a length of 650- 1500 words. Longer or shorter contributions are also welcome, but should be discussed with the editorial staff.


In general, content pertaining to students in 10th grade or younger is targeted to parents and caretakers; content pertaining to 11th and 12th graders as well as college and graduate students is targeted at the students themselves. For example:

“Applying to Private High School in NYC”- aimed at parents

“What to Do the Day Before Your SAT”- aimed at students

“Mastering Med-School Interviews”- aimed at students

We ask that contributors check with the editors before veering outside of these parameters.


While a friendly and relatable tone is encouraged, Noodle Pros maintains a personal, polished, professional voice. Articles exemplifying the Noodle Pros voice are linked below:

Expert Tips For Getting Your Executive MBA

The SAT: What Parents Need To Know

How To Explain A Bad Grade In College Admissions

All Noodle Pros content should be free from obscene, offensive, and/or discriminatory language.

Terms of publication

Contributions might be republished by Noodle Pros at any time, through the Noodle Pros blog, website, and/or social media pages, or via marketing emails or advertising campaigns. Noodle Pros reserves the right to edit content for length and clarity.

Rights of content creators

Content creators may republish at will; Noodle Pros asks to be notified upon republication.

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