Upcoming April Webinars: SSAT/ISEE For Parents And GRE 101

Upcoming April Webinars: SSAT/ISEE For Parents And GRE 101

18 April, 2018

If you’re a parent of a K-8 student, or a college graduate looking to expand your career options, Noodle Pros has you covered. Join us in the month for April for ISEE/SSAT: What Parents Need To Know and GRE 101, both free webinars hosted by in-demand Noodle Pros tutors.

Can’t make the time? No problem. Recordings of Noodle Pros webinars are sent out to all RSVPs after sessions have concluded.

GRE 101

When: Tuesday April 24th, 7pm EST

Where: Online

Neill Seltzer
GRE Pro Neill Seltzer

Just as most universities use SAT and ACT scores to assess student qualifications, most graduate schools require GRE scores as part of the application package. We believe that everyone is capable of success on the GRE — no matter how long it has been since high school math class.

Join Noodle Pros CEO and GRE expert Neill Seltzer for this free webinar on all things GRE. Topics covered will include:

  • Grad School Reality Check: Grad school is no small commitment, and neither is the GRE. Understand why you want to go to graduate school, why you’re committed to your field of study, and how the GRE can help you rise to the top.
  • GRE Structure: Learn how the test is formatted, and what it means to be adaptive by section.
  • GRE Question Types: Understand all of the major question types, and the best ways to study for each one.
  • General Strategy: What takes a GRE score from good to great? Technique and strategy. Learn both from a test prep master.
  • The Experience of Taking the GRE: Find out what to expect on test day, from testing center protocol to computerized testing, and tricks for managing nerves.

The last 10-15 minutes will be reserved for Q&A, so Come prepared with your own GRE and grad school-related questions for Neill.

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ISEE/SSAT: What Parents Need To Know

When: Thursday April 26th, 12pm EST

Where: Online

Kelly Clement
ISEE/SSAT Expert Kelly Clement

If your elementary, middle, or high schooler is hoping to attend private or boarding school, he or she will soon be facing down the ISEE or SSAT. For many young students (and parents!), this marks their first high stakes standardized test.

Join Noodle Pro Kelly Clement, a longtime educator and SSAT/ISEE expert, for this web-based information session for parents. Kelly will discuss:

  • Differences between the ISEE and SSAT: which one is right for your child?
  • What to expect on the various test levels — Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level
  • Advice for improving math skills and vocabulary
  • Tips for planning a study schedule
  • Interpreting and using ISEE/SSAT scores

Be sure to stick around for a 15-minute parent Q&A in which Kelly will address all of your test prep-related questions.

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