Issue 15: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?

Issue 15: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?

09 August, 2019

It’s August and it doesn’t seem right to be thinking about school and the fall. But even the symphony of the late-summer cicadas can’t seem to drown out the shrill ads for back to school sales, and in some parts of the country, school begins as early as this week. Other parts of the country won’t start until after Labor Day, which seems fair since those same students got out only shortly before the Fourth of July. 

Regardless of what defines your summer break, it’s always a good time to do some practice questions for the SAT or ACT. This week’s issue picks up from where the last entry left off, exploring the versatility of the colon. 

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Noodle Pro Melissa Hendrix is a premier tutor of the SAT and ACT in Chicagoland. She has been a national leader in SAT and ACT preparation for 20 years, developing curriculum and strategies for...