Issue 19: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?

Issue 19: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?

18 November, 2019

Transitions are hard. We may have adjusted to Standard Time in the last few weeks, but who likes that first day with a late afternoon sunset? It’s even worse when we transition to Daylight Saving Time in the spring. Some people struggle with transitions to new seasons, school years, or presidential administrations. And not even Johnny Depp looks good wearing transition lenses.

On the SAT Writing and Language and the ACT English, many students struggle with transition questions and mistakenly lump them in with “vocab” questions you can’t do much about. However, students can learn common transitions and tackle these questions with a strategic approach: read the sentences before and after in order to determine how the ideas connect. For example, are the ideas similar or are they in opposition? In fact, transition questions on the SAT or ACT can be easier than most students think.

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Noodle Pro Melissa Hendrix is a premier tutor of the SAT and ACT in Chicagoland. She has been a national leader in SAT and ACT preparation for 20 years, developing curriculum and strategies for...