Holiday Issue: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?

Trees are decorated, candles are burning, the days are growing ever shorter, and PSAT scores have arrived, all signs that the end of the calendar year is fast approaching. For many students, December means taking the SAT or ACT, while for many others, it means studying for tests before winter break. This column will take a break, too, and return in the new year to offer parents opportunities to test whether they are smarter than their high schoolers. 

So for the last time this decade, here are two gifts, inspired by recent ACT questions, for you to unwrap and enjoy.

Happy Holidays!


Noodle Pro Melissa Hendrix is a premier tutor of the SAT and ACT in Chicagoland. She has been a national leader in SAT and ACT preparation for 20 years, developing curriculum and strategies for national test prep companies.