10 Facts About the ISEE

10 Facts About the ISEE

10 February, 2021

  1. The ISEE is accepted by over 1200 independent schools around the world. Many consider the ISEE the most trusted admissions test.
  2. Developed and administered by the Educational Records Bureau, the ISEE has four levels: the Primary level, for entrance to grades 2–4; Lower level, for entrance in grades 5–6; Middle level, for entrance in grades 7–8; Upper level, for entrance in grades 9–12.
  3. Students can take the ISEE as many times as they’d like, with a limit of once per testing season. So if a student takes the exam in September, they’d need to wait until December for the Winter Testing Season (or later) to retake the ISEE.
  4. The ISEE tests reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and math achievement.
  5. The ISEE is unique because along with measuring what students know, it also measures how they think.
  6. There are no penalties for incorrect answers on the ISEE
  7. ERB schedules ISEE exams on demand, with administration options 7 days a week.
  8. The Lower, Middle and Upper levels of the ISEE are available in both paper and online test formats.  The Primary ISEE is only available online.
  9. Parents who are interested in more information about the ISEE or who would like to register their child for a test can do so at https://iseeonline.erblearn.org/.  Here, parents can view ISEE test dates and after the student takes the test, parent can access ISEE test results and score reports.
  10. Noodle Pros is here for all of your ISEE test prep needs.  We have the very best tutors ready to help students achieve their best on the ISEE test with personalized prep plans, detailed analytics and ISEE strategies.
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