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Noodle Pro Brendan Mernin has been a leader in test prep and admissions since 1989. Along with being a star tutor and dad, Brendan is helping improve STEM education with a nonprofit called...

VIDEO: Noodle Pros Founding Tutor Dan Edmonds Explains in Detail the GMAT Online
22 April, 2020
Right now, many prospective business school applicants are working from home and wondering whether the global COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity to apply for and earn an MBA or other business degree that will accelerate their career journey. For most, one part of that process is deciding whether and when to take the GMAT. Now that GMAC has announced the availability of its new GMAT Online product, applicants must choose whether to take the GMAT now online or to wait and see if in-person t
What COVID-19 Means For Your SAT/ACT Prep
13 April, 2020
Note: This advice is presented in mid-April 2019 and is subject to change as policies change. Check back for updated advice, and feel free to reach out to us for up-to-date guidance. Since mid-March, when COVID-19 altered the patterns of our lives, many students and parents have reached out to ask what they should do about SAT or ACT prep in social isolation or even under quarantine. And when the March 14 SAT and April 4 ACT dates were canceled, many students in the high school Class of 2021 we
Ivy League Athletes, Admissions, And The Academic Index
04 December, 2017
The academic index ranks applicants on a scale from 60 to 240, with each of three categories counting for 20 to 80 points: grades, SAT scores, and SAT Subject Test scores. For example,  a GPA of zero is worth 20 points, and a 4.0 is worth 80. SAT scores, as determined by the average of the math and reading test scores, are worth 20 points for a 200, and up to 80 points for a perfect 800.SAT Subject Test scores, which are assessed as the average of the best two (or three) submitted scores, are al
17 Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Private School
09 October, 2017
For many parents, one of the biggest decisions they make is where to send their children to school: public, private, or religious school. Having been a public and private school student and parent, I know first hand some of the benefits of independent education. (Disclaimer: there is a wide range of schools of all types, so your local options may vary.) If you are already considering writing those tuition checks, here are some of the positive qualities you can expect: 1. Small Class Size Look
How To Get Financial Aid For Private School
04 October, 2017
It’s no secret that an independent school education can be expensive, with some tuition bills hovering around $50,000 a year. If you are expecting that financial aid will enable your family to afford this investment in your child’s future, know that an understanding of the financial aid process can make a big difference in the grant you receive. Here are some points to keep in mind: Be Honest Don’t understate your income or assets. Make honest estimates and predictions of future income. Beside
Get Off The Waitlist And Into College In 12 Steps
11 April, 2017
Now that it’s April and most colleges have sent their regular decision notifications, many somewhat disappointed applicants are wondering what to do with the waitlist decisions from their top-ranked schools. College waitlists are anything but an exact science. In fact, the waitlist system is even more opaque than the rest of college admissions. Different colleges use waitlists differently — some carry long lists and choose few candidates, whereas others have short waitlists and choose many. Ther