Colleen Clemens

Colleen Clemens, Ph.D., assistant professor of Non-Western Literatures at Kutztown University, earned her Ph.D. in Post-Colonial Literature at Lehigh University. Before pursuing her doctorate, she...

Get Ahead on Your College Applications This Summer
04 June, 2021
You're entering your senior year of high school — it's natural to want to celebrate. Before you pick out your dancing shoes, consider spending this summer doing activities that will help you get into the college of your dreams. The summer before senior year of high school marks the home stretch in the college admissions process. By this time, you have researched schools and narrowed down your list of where to apply. This summer is your time to prepare for the application and interview process,
10 Books To Help Your Child Cope With Difficult Issues
19 November, 2017
All children are bound to experience difficult events as they grow up: family members becoming ill or passing away; divorce or separation; moves that takes them away from the familiar comfort of home. In these moments of great sadness and struggle, parents and caregivers might wonder what can be done to ease children’s pain. When complex situations arise before children develop the ability to articulate their emotions, books can help them feel less alone and more at ease with feelings of anger,
11 Picture Books That Are Inclusive Of LGBTQ Families
06 November, 2017
For many decades, the concept of “family” in children’s books has been narrowly represented. As society becomes more accepting of the multiplicity of family structures, more children’s books have started to represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (LGBTQ) characters. These titles teach children that family isn’t about gender or sexuality, but about the people who love and raise you. Look to the following books to expand your child’s understanding of “parents” and “family”: 1. Heathe
9 Young Adult Books That Teach Teens About Difficult Issues
04 September, 2017
Fiction can offer comfort and guidance to those confronting struggles. These nine young adult reads can help preteens and teens through difficult times. *** Young adult fiction allows teens to read about characters facing challenges that may resemble ones they’re dealing with in their own lives, such as confronting the death of a loved one; a traumatic or violent encounter; the pressure to make a difficult choice; or an all-consuming question about their identity. Books can serve as a lighthou