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How You Should Interview A Prospective Tutor
08 December, 2017
One of the most important steps to take once you’ve found a potential tutor is to conduct an interview. You want to make sure that the tutor is a good fit for your child (or for you) on every level. Preparing for the Interview Consider the following ideas as you prepare to interview the tutor: Tutoring goals Think about what you are looking to achieve through tutoring. Do you wish to improve a grade in a class? To strengthen a skill? To achieve a particular score on a standardized test? To be
The Best Ways To Prep For The SAT And ACT
06 December, 2017
Choosing the best method to prepare for the SAT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/sat] or ACT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/act] can be difficult. Tutoring is expensive. Courses often have inflexible, time-intensive schedules that are hard to fit into an already overbooked week. And independent preparation requires a level of discipline and self-analysis that many students feel unequipped to handle. Here are some of the principle things you should consider when deciding how best to prepare
Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?
15 November, 2017
More than any other standardized test, the LSAT inspires a rash of cancellations every time it’s given. Before you cancel your scores [https://www.lsac.org/jd/lsat/score-cancellations], here are a few things you should consider: Why Do I Want to Cancel? The obvious answer is “because I did poorly.” But here’s the thing: you may not have. And having a bad score on your record isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. In the “Bad Old Days,” virtually every law school under the sun would average LSAT
Must-Know Facts for Starting Your Law School Application
27 October, 2017
The core of any application to Law School boils down to your numbers: your LSAT score and your GPA. The exact way in which schools weigh these two numbers varies, but broadly speaking, the LSAT is considered the more important of these two numbers. *** The law school application is primarily evaluated simply on your numbers: your LSAT and your GPA (which may be slightly weighted based on the school you attended), which are the only factors that will definitely be considered in weighing your ap
8 Key Aspects Of Successful MBA Applications
19 October, 2017
An MBA application [https://www.noodlepros.com/blog/2017/10/20/common-mba-concerns/] is primarily evaluated based on three factors: GMAT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/gmat] or GRE [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/gre] scores, work experience, and your essays. Other important factors may include your undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, diversity, extracurricular/community activities, and, where relevant, interviews. 1. GMAT/GRE Scores Your test scores are the most important numbe
5 Things You Should Be Doing The Week Before The Big Test
02 October, 2017
You spend months preparing for the SAT or ACT. You take endless practice tests, expand your vocabulary, brush up on your math, and generally pour countless hours (often in a class or with a tutor [http://www.noodlepros.com]) into getting ready for the test. With all that time and energy spent, you want to do everything you can the week before the test to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders on the big day. So here’s a list of things you can do the week before the test to make sure you’re re
SAT vs. ACT: Which One Should I Take?
20 September, 2017
The best way to establish which test to prepare for is to take one of each. If you don’t have time to do that, look at the differences and make your best guess at which you’ll like better. *** These days, one of the first questions I’ll hear from the frantic parent of a rising high school junior is, “Should my child take the SAT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/sat] or the ACT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/act]?” Interestingly, as recently as ten years ago, almost no one would ask that q
The SAT Subject Tests: What Are They? Do They Matter?
07 September, 2017
You should take the tests that will make the best impression. What does that mean? *** For college-bound students, junior year in high school is packed with challenges. It’s the most important year in terms of academics. It’s when you take the SAT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/sat] or ACT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/act], when you start putting together your college list, and when you are likely hitting your peak in whatever sports or extracurricular activities you’re involved in. I
3 Solid Strategies For Deciding When To Take Your SAT Or ACT
05 September, 2017
Does it really matter when you take the SAT or ACT? If you want to get into college, you might want to check out these three strategies to give yourself a scheduling advantage. *** Determining when it’s best to take the SAT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/sat] or ACT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/act] really comes down to when you’ll have time to prepare and to properly organize your junior and senior year priorities. First, it’s important to give yourself an opportunity to take the tes
15 Great Test-Optional Colleges You Should Consider
22 August, 2017
Imagine getting into a highly selective college — having never taken the SAT or ACT. This feat is possible. *** As more selective schools are becoming test-optional and test-flexible, students who do not take the SAT or ACT — or who don’t earn high scores on these tests — are applying and gaining admission at many test-optional schools around the country. Learn about 15 great test-optional schools you should consider from Noodle Pro Dan Edmonds [https://www.noodlepros.com/tutor/profile/NjYwMTY
The Beginner's One-Page Guide To The LSAT
11 July, 2017
The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is the entrance exam required for admission to American Bar Association (ABA) accredited Juris Doctor (JD) programs in the United States. It is the single most important factor for admissions at virtually every law program in America. Here, are the basic facts and need-to-know information to help you get prepared. Structure of the Test The LSAT consists of five 35-minute sections and an essay. They are: * Two 35-minute Logical Reasoning sections with 24-
Is Test Prep Cheating?
13 June, 2017
Any tutor who has been in the business for more than a few years has probably been approached by at least one student with the same “brilliant” idea: take my test for me! *** Cheating on the SAT seems to be far from an uncommon occurrence. The 2011 Long Island SAT cheating ring led to a proposed law that would make such cheating a felony in New York. To this day students are faking learning disabilities to get extended time on the SAT and ACT. And I have to confess, sadly, that none of this c