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Fortuna Admissions is a team of former business school professionals from top-tier institutions, including Wharton, INSEAD, Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, London Business School, Chicago...

22 April, 2020
The Fortuna team [] continues to receive a flurry of Coronavirus-related updates from the senior leadership of the nation’s top business schools. Among the daily developments are unprecedented changes in the MBA application process – from the ability to submit applications without exam scores (INSEAD, LBS, Wharton, Columbia) to larger waitlists (HBS), app fee waivers (Kellogg, Darden), and extended R3 deadlines (Haas, Fuqua, Booth, Kellogg & many others).
07 April, 2020
COVID-19 Changes to MBA Admissions at the Top Schools Duke shifts start dates for incoming class, moves back R3 deadline(March 30) Duke’s R3 deadline has been moved back to June 1. It has also taken the extraordinary step of shifting the start dates for its incoming class to accommodate students grappling with travel restrictions and visa processing delays: Orientation will now start on August 31, with classes kicking off on September 3.In a March 30 message to its community, Duke adds: “However
10 Essentials For Acing The MBA Admissions Interview
21 February, 2018
Receiving an offer to interview is a major milestone in the MBA admissions process [], worthy of pause and quiet self-congratulations. While not yet time to pop the champagne, an interview offer is a clear signal you’ve caught the attention of admissions and that the school believes in your potential. Admissions acceptance rates among the top 10 schools dropped to a record 14.5% selectivity [
Mistakes To Avoid In Your MBA Application
10 January, 2018
Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your MBA application, culled from the combined experiences of the expert former MBA admissions directors at Fortuna Admissions []. Make no mistake, an MBA Admissions Director has sharp instincts for discerning your confidence, commitment, or any hint of discrepancy across your business school application. Whether you’re putting the final polish on your MBA application, or just exploring the process, I want to bring your atte
50 Shades Of MBA Admissions
20 October, 2017
The answers aren’t always clear-cut, but as former MBA Admissions Directors, we have advice to share if you’re unsure about a facet of your personal history or how it might be perceived by your target school(s). Here are three common concerns we hear from MBA applicants. ** Have you ever faced with the dilemma of what to write in your MBA application [] versus what to omit? With such fierce competition to secure a pla
Worried About Weaknesses? Offer Explanations (Not Excuses) In Your MBA Application
18 August, 2017
Admissions officers perceive excuses as an attempt to sidestep responsibility for your actions. Of the utmost importance is providing an explanation, not an excuse. *** A handful of candidates to top tier MBA programs seem to have all the qualities to write their own ticket—fast-track career progression at a Fortune 500 company (or co-founder of an innovative tech firm), magna cum laude from a prestigious university, with perhaps an Olympic medal and impressive charitable work to boot. Most of
How To Craft The MBA Resume & Data Form
21 July, 2017
Your resume provides an important overview of your experience. Yet it’s too often overlooked or reduced to an uninspiring list of jobs titles, qualifications, places and dates. Think of it as the opportunity to highlight what you’ve accomplished, convey the qualities you possess, and prioritize the experiences and attributes that underscore your future potential—as succinctly and powerfully as possible. *** Several top business schools, such as Dartmouth Tuck and Harvard, have reduced the numb
Presenting Your Academic Record In The MBA Application: GPA, GMAT & GRE
14 July, 2017
The good news is you can often overcome a below average GPA by serving up a strong GMAT or GRE score, along with other academic achievements. *** With all the focus on studying business, it’s easy to overlook that the M of an MBA stands for Master’s. Any self-respecting b-school wants to know you handle the quant-heavy coursework. This means proving you’re savvy with critical reasoning, language and, of course, maths. So your academic credentials, as evidenced by your GMAT [https://www.noodl
Self-Reflection And How To Position Your MBA Candidacy
29 June, 2017
You may not realize it, but when you’re just a few years out of university like most MBA applicants, you stand at a crossroads. *** If you have decided on an MBA, or are just exploring the idea, you’ll want to carve out ample time for self-reflection. Top business schools want the story beyond your CV. Admissions officers want to understand your motives, and MBA applications are designed to solicit a thoughtful analysis of your personal growth, future potential, and how you intend to transi
How To Convey A Powerful Career Vision In Your MBA Application
18 March, 2017
Creating and conveying a career vision is an elemental part of your MBA application. It’s about portraying a clear picture of where you’ve been, where you are headed, and why an MBA is essential for getting you there. *** B-schools are looking for students who are poised to get the most value from their MBA experience by going on to great things in the future. Creating and conveying a career vision is an elemental part of your MBA application. It’s about portraying a clear picture of where yo