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College Planning Timeline for High School Students
02 January, 2020
For tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of seniors applying to college this year, the admissions process will be one of the most grueling and stressful experiences they’ve had in their lives.  If you’re a student or a parent of a student who’s just starting high school, however, we’ve got good news: you can avoid nearly all of the stress of the application process by planning for success early on. In fact, if you stick to our timeline, we guarantee that aiming high over the next four years, and i
The Ultimate Summer Guide for Rising Seniors
08 May, 2019
Wondering how to spend your last summer of high school?  Hoping to maximize your chances of admission to great colleges in the fall?  Read on! Here are our top tips for rising seniors. Focus Your Extracurriculars When it comes to extracurriculars, the rule is quality over quantity.  You want to show colleges that you are a committed leader when it comes to your activities outside of class.  This means that the summer before your senior year is not the time to try a number of new things—you’ll
Test-Optional Colleges: What’s The Catch?
24 October, 2018
College admissions tests—and the SAT in particular—have been under scrutiny for many years.  Most people who work in higher education have stories about students accepted with relatively-low SAT or ACT scores achieving near-perfect GPAs in college (and, on the other hand, kids with outstanding test results being just average in their college classes). Are the SAT and ACT useful, and are they fair? Studies [https://www.vox.com/cards/sat/do-high-sat-scores-predict-better-performance-in-college]