Judy Batalion

Judy Batalion was a columnist for the New York Times' Motherlode blog where she chronicled her daughter's preschool admissions process. Her first book "White Walls: A Memoir of Motherhood,...

Tips For Private Preschool Admissions
16 October, 2017
As a learning process, applying to preschools was stressful. Also, it was madly time-consuming. What’s more, we’d soon be faced with our first yeas and nays for our little star munchkin. *** I first considered preschool when my daughter was six months old — friends of ours were surprised that we hadn’t thought about it even earlier. When we started actively applying 18 months later, we found the process overwhelming. Sure, I’d heard of the documentary “Nursery University” and the rumors of Man
Private Preschool Admissions Tips: The Playdate-Child Interview
11 October, 2017
As a parent, it is terribly confusing to deduce what exactly school staff assesses during the playdate (if you look around, you mainly see toddlers licking LEGOs). Apparently, schools look for children who are social, polite, engaged, and who transition well from one activity to the next. *** While it’s true that some organizations offer tutoring services for the preschool interview, I’m really (really) not sure how or if they work. It’s difficult for me to believe that any amount of training
Private Preschool Admissions Tips: The Parent Interview
09 October, 2017
The private preschool parent interview has a lot in common with a job interview — except, of course, that your performance will affect the educational options open to your little pumpkin. So, how should you get ready? Well, just as you would for a job interview. Know the Preschool’s Values As with the written application, be sure you know something about the school’s philosophy so you can convey — hopefully, honestly — your interest and commitment to being part of that particular community. T
Private Preschool Admissions Tips: The Application
06 October, 2017
Some NYC preschools are so popular they use a lottery system to manage the pool of applicants — meaning that you have to apply in order to apply. You’ll be asked to fill out a written form (some short, some long), and then, depending on how many spots remain after the ages and genders of siblings of current students are taken into account, you may be invited to continue the process. *** Your child may be ready for preschool, but are you ready for the application process? If you choose to go
Private Preschool: Demystifying The Admissions Process
01 September, 2017
The admissions process for private preschool can be daunting, even though, or because, you usually begin when your child is one or two years old. Though there is no uniform set of admissions steps, most preschools require at least some of the following. Download a sample Pre-K assessment [http://info.noodlepros.com/preparing-for-kindergarten]. *** Already experiencing palpitations as you think about applying to a private preschool for your child? Read how Judy Batalion got through the experie