Kathryn deBros

Kathryn has a master's degree in Special Education from Portland State University. She is an advocate for students with specific learning needs, and an ally for parents who want to know more about...

Why Higher SAT Scores Don’t Mean Boys Are Better At Math
29 July, 2019
When the College Board released data on the updated 2016 SAT,the results [http://www.aei.org/publication/2016-sat-test-results-confirm-pattern-thats-persisted-for-45-years-high-school-boys-are-better-at-math-than-girls/] raised some hackles. For more than 40 years, girls have consistently received lower test scores in math than boys on the SAT, a standardized assessment designed to measure reasoning skills and gauge preparedness for college. This trend is documented in an analysis of four decad
Did You Get In? An Etiquette Guide for College Admissions
22 February, 2018
As college acceptance and rejection letters start rolling in, conversations with friends and family can get a little tense. Read on for advice about how to answer some of their tricky questions — and when to start these conversations yourself. *** Nothing about senior year seems easy. On top of classes and extracurriculars, you’ve spent months researching colleges, filling out paperwork, writing essays, asking for recommendations, and sending forms. Now, you may well be in the middle of the h
Why Higher SAT Scores Don’t Mean Boys Are Better At Math
18 January, 2018
Given all of the factors that contribute to student scores — beyond measures of reasoning and preparedness for college, the purported objectives of the SAT and many other standardized tests — we should not just be asking why boys score higher than girls on these exams. If so many demographics are at a perpetual disadvantage, we should also be asking: What are these assessments really testing? And do these assessments yield sufficient, unbiased information about reasoning skills and college readi
Diagnosing A Learning Disability In College
01 December, 2017
Though learning disabilities are usually identified early in life, some students don’t discover their LDs until after they’ve entered the new academic environment of college. If you find that you consistently take much longer than your classmates to finish your work, or that you seriously struggle with executive functions such as remembering deadlines, organizing paperwork, and following self-imposed study schedules, you might  want to consider being evaluated for an LD. According to LD Americ
My Child Was Diagnosed With A Learning Disability: What Next?
10 November, 2017
If your child has been struggling in school and falling behind, it can actually be a relief to find the root cause, because it means there are strategies available to intervene. A learning disability is not a life sentence to a “special classroom.” There are plenty of very intelligent children and adults who have adapted to their disabilities and become very successful. Did you know that Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill are believed to have had dyslexia? As a special educator, I do not di
I Suspect My Preschooler Has A Learning Disability
03 November, 2017
Bringing your child to school for the first time is exciting and scary in many ways, but if you think your child may have difficulty learning, you may feel deeper anxiety. Learning is a complicated process and everyone’s brain is different; some kids, for instance, are simply less verbal than others. On average, girls develop language skills sooner and have a larger vocabulary than boys. But just like grownups, children all have strengths and weaknesses. Often, with a little more time and guid
ACT/SAT Testing Accommodations For Students With LD
11 September, 2017
What are the accommodations available to high schoolers preparing for the SAT or ACT? And how do they differ between the two tests? We’ve provided an overview of the similarities and differences in accommodations on each test, and some guidelines on how to decide which test to take. *** I have a learning disability: Which test is better for me? Plenty of students with learning differences take and score well on both the SAT [https://www.noodlepros.com/tests/sat] and the ACT [https://www.noodle
504 Plan: What You Need To Know As A Parent
08 September, 2017
If your child has a disability, she may need special accommodations to succeed in school. Learn how a 504 plan can get her the help she needs. *** If your child’s teacher or school administrator has recommended “getting her on a plan,” don’t panic. This “plan” is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, 504 services may be the key to your child’s educational success. What is a 504 plan? In short, a 504 plan is the personalization of your child’s school day. For kids with mild disabilities that
What You Need To Know About The TACHS Exam
12 July, 2017
If you find that a Catholic high school appeals to you or your family, then it’s very likely that an entrance exam is in your child’s future. The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, or TACHS, is used for schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, as well as the Archdiocese of New York. Read on to learn the basics of the exam, how to register, and what to expect on test day. What’s on the TACHS? The test is comprised of about 200 multiple-choice questions divided among four secti