10 Books To Help Your Child Cope With Difficult Issues
08 April, 2020
All children are bound to experience difficult events as they grow up: family members becoming ill or passing away; divorce or separation; moves that takes them away from the familiar comfort of home. In these moments of great sadness and struggle, parents and caregivers might wonder what can be done to ease children’s pain. When complex situations arise before children develop the ability to articulate their emotions, books can help them feel less alone and more at ease with feelings of anger,
Step Inside 8 Inspiring Science Buildings At US Universities
28 July, 2017
Students who are looking to go into STEM (or like finding inspiration in new places) should look no further than this list of eight of the most inspiring science buildings on American college campuses. From historical importance to science-inspired architecture, these buildings have something for everyone. Budding scientists can fuel their passion in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, and exchange ideas on the future in meticulously-designed lounges and common areas. We’ve compiled
How To Get Into Hunter College Elementary And High School
26 April, 2017
Recognized as two of the top schools in New York, Hunter College Elementary and High School are highly competitive and selective. Each school has one entry point, kindergarten or 7th grade. Noodle Pros Director of Outreach and Founding Tutor, Brendan Mernin, talked to Alina Adams from NYC School Secrets [http://www.nycschoolsecrets.com/about/] about the secrets behind getting into Hunter College Elementary and High School. Here are some highlights from the podcast: 1. You can prep for the H
College Transitions: Malaysia To Swarthmore
21 April, 2017
Noodle Pros Head of Marketing and Growth Yiwen Looi’s transition to college was more drastic than most. She moved from Malaysia to attend Swarthmore College. No matter the distance, most students can expect to feel homesick and need to find ways to build a community. > Reaching out to other students, and experiencing the culture of your new home can help you get comfortable in your new surroundings.
College Transitions: Long Island To Madison, Wisconsin
19 April, 2017
Noodle Pros Head of Web Product Adam Kliegman knew no one when he arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Usually, the first way to make friends is to spend time with your roommates, but what happens when you’re not sure if you like them? > You might not make friends right away; but, give everyone a chance, because everyone has the potential to be your next best friend.
Welcome to #ProTips!
21 March, 2017
Today is an exciting day for Noodle Pros—we’re welcoming a new team member (Hi Tyler!), and we’re launching #ProTips, our very own blog. We have big plans for #ProTips! Here, we will showcase the amazing work our Pros do every day [https://www.noodlepros.com/blog/category/test-prep/] with their students and families, whether helping a junior get those last few points on the SAT, working with a 7th grader to excel on the ISEE, prepping a junior analyst for the GMAT, or creating an enrichment pro
Solving Hard SAT Problems On #TestPrepThursday
20 March, 2017
On any standardized test, there are several ways to do many of the problems. But what’s the best way? Which method will get you to the correct answer most quickly, with the least confusion and the greatest chance of success? Any tutor can can show you how to do things the way that works best for them. A Noodle Pro can show you and help you understand the best and most efficient methods for you. We are tutors who love to share what we know, because we live for those moments when our students sudd