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Kristen Moon is an independent college counselor and founder of Moon Prep provides one-on-one tutoring services catered to university admissions. They guide students through the...

Why You Should Spend Your Summer Job Shadowing
10 June, 2019
Summer is officially here, and pro-active college and high school students are likely looking for a way to make the time off school more productive. You might want to find a way for your college application to stand out from a crowded field, or gain real-world experience. For students who can spend a few weeks investing in unpaid job shadowing, it is an excellent way to elevate your college application and learn more about what future career path might be best for you. What Is Job Shadowing?
SAT Subject Tests Explained
13 November, 2018
The SAT is one of the most well-known, and perhaps one of the most dreaded, college admissions tests. A little less infamous are the SAT Subject Tests [] , previously called the SAT IIs. Some colleges, especially Ivy League and other selective institutes, require or recommend that you take SAT Subject tests, especially if you are applying for particular courses or programs. There are 20 different subject te
5 Things All Parents Need To Know About The FAFSA
19 October, 2018
College is a huge investment for all families and most need some help. If you are looking for ways to pay for college, one of the first resources you may turn to is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Every student qualifies for some form of student aid, so make sure you are not skipping this step during your application process. Over the past couple of decades, the Department of Education has streamlined the application process, but questions can still arise. If you or your ch
The Secret To Gaining Acceptance To The Ivy League
11 September, 2018
For anyone who has applied to college, first-semester of senior year is a tense time. Will I get in? Many have fantasized about opening that acceptance letter and pulling out, “Welcome to Harvard.” That pleasure is vouchsafed to precious few. The admission rate for Stanford University hovers around 4% of its applicants. Rejections include valedictorians, athletes, and plenty of 4.0 gpas. Competitive and accomplished students, and their parents, are often shocked when this occurs. How could a st
How To Use Demonstrated Interest To Your Benefit
04 September, 2018
If you’ve read about tactics for improving your odds at college admissions, you may have heard the phrase “demonstrated interest.” What “demonstrated interest” means is your level of engagement and sincerity when researching and interacting with a school you may apply to. A school’s representatives specifically watch for this, as they are trying to gauge a prospect’s likelihood of actually enrolling if accepted. There are several ways to capitalize on demonstrated interest, and multiple opportun
Engaging Ways To Open Your Personal Statement
10 July, 2018
Summer is in full swing, and rising high school seniors have college applications on their minds. The Common Application essays have not changed from last application cycle; therefore, savvy students are using their summer breaks to get a head start on writing the personal statement. But are you staring at a blank screen and wondering where to begin? Here are some tips for choosing a topic and writing a strong essay opening. Choosing a Personal Statement Topic Your essay, or personal statement,
3 Tips For Applying To Ivy League Schools (And Other Competitive Programs)
12 June, 2018
If you’re considering applying to an Ivy League university, or to a similarly competitive undergraduate program,  you should know what you’re in for. To impress these prestigious institutions and programs, you must give your absolute best. The good news is that you can start as early as you like developing your personal interests and experience. Here are three guiding concepts to bear in mind as you make the choices that will shape your Ivy League college applications. 1. Develop a Niche You’
MoonPrep’s Tips for Attending College Fairs
14 May, 2018
Learn more about college fairs with Kristen Moon of MoonPrep []. *** If you already have your list of potential schools, you may think it’s unnecessary to attend college fairs. But in fact, these fairs are a particularly efficient way to narrow down your college list [] . A college fair can show you the inside workings of a school, going above and beyond the practical and valuable informa
AP Scholar Awards Explained
10 April, 2018
As we reach mid-April, students all over the country are preparing in for their upcoming AP Exams [] . AP Exams are generally administered over two weeks in May; this year, tests will be held on May 7 – 11, 2018, and on May 14- 18, 2018. Here’s a brief primer on AP Exams and the AP Scholar Awards. Why Take AP Exams? There are many reasons [] for students to tackle AP classe
44 Liberal Arts Colleges You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, But Should Know
12 February, 2018
Most people can name 20-30 colleges off the top of their head, but there are over 4,000 universities worldwide. I want to introduce you to 44 excellent liberal arts-focused universities that you might not have heard of. *** If you are a high school student or parent seeking a great liberal arts college for the next four years, you should check out the non-profit organization CTCL [] (Colleges That Change Lives)and look for the accompanying best seller [