Lindsey Conger

Lindsey is a College Counselor and tutor at Moon Prep. She helps students create memorable personal statements and tutors students to increase their academic profile to universities.

How Business Majors Can Stay Sharp This Summer: 5 Suggestions From Moon Prep
30 July, 2021
Summer can be one of the best times for students to take their learning outside of the classroom. Students can dedicate time to learning a new skill, gaining hands-on experience, or building relationships to learn more about their future career path. One field that has become increasingly popular for both high school students and adults is entrepreneurship. Here is how business majors can stay sharp during the summer and practice their skills. Take A MOOC Course Free online courses can be a low
How Much Do Extracurriculars Matter In College Admissions: A Word From Moon Prep
22 June, 2021
In the 2020-21 cycle, 10% more college applications [] were submitted compared to the previous year. Students were applying to more schools, as the most selective universities [] , like Harvard University, Brown University, and New York University, all saw hu
Five Surefire Ways For Students To Manage College Application Stress Effectively
02 September, 2020
Applying to colleges can be stressful, and for teenagers, this decision is one of the biggest they will have made in their lives. College-bound seniors might be feeling overwhelmed and overworked as admissions deadlines loom closer, and the stress will build as they struggle to finish everything on time. The application process isn’t easy, so students should create a plan of action on how to cope with the added pressure. Parents can also serve as a supportive shoulder to lean on during this bus
Tips For Writing A Strong Personal Statement
24 August, 2020
The personal statement allows schools to do a holistic review of your application, enabling them to see the full picture of who you are. It is your one chance on your application, along with any supplemental essays, to come alive off the page and show your personality.
5 Ways High Schoolers Can Prepare For College Applications
17 August, 2020
Most schools across the United States have closed their doors for the past few weeks. Despite the school closures, students should still be spending their time productively. Here are five ways high school students can prepare for college applications right now. 1. Create A College List It’s not too early to start building a college list. Organize the school name, average stats of the applicants (SAT/ACT scores, GPA, average acceptance rates, etc.) in an Excel spreadsheet, and compare it to your
Four Reasons Why High School Students Should Take SAT Subject Tests
25 February, 2020
The college application process is competitive, with students trying to go the extra mile to outdo their peers. One great way to distinguish yourself from the crowded application field is to take the SAT Subject Tests. SAT Subject Tests are designed to test your knowledge in one particular subject, like physics, calculus, chemistry, or a foreign language. Altogether, there are 21 different subject areas you can decide to take. Here are four reasons why you should take the SAT Subject Tests. 1.
Private vs. Public Universities: Which One Is Right For You?
16 January, 2020
College admission decisions are starting to roll in, and students are left with a big decision: what college is right for them? Depending on your college list, you might be wondering if a private or public university is right for you. Here are a few things you should consider. Private vs. Public: Tuition According to the College Board [], the average tuition and fees for a four-year public university were $10,230 for in-state stude
Four Things Students Should Do If They Are Deferred From Their Dream University
13 December, 2019
College admissions early decisions are starting to come out, and some students might get an unexpected answer back: a deferral. A deferral is similar to the limbo of college admissions—you aren’t quite into the university, but you aren’t rejected yet either. When the university defers you, it means that the school sees potential in your application, but the admissions officers want to evaluate your application again during the regular decision cycle. If you do get deferred, here are four steps
5 FAFSA Tips To Get The Most Financial Aid
31 August, 2019
As colleges get more expensive each year, students rely more frequently on financial aid to help offset the costs of education. However, many students are making simple mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars in grants or scholarship money each year. Here are five tips to help you get the most financial aid possible. 1. Fill Out The FAFSA One of the easiest ways to get financial aid for college is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). While some students mist
Three Essential Things To Consider With SAT/ACT Test Prep Services
08 August, 2019
As a high school student, you’ve most likely heard about the SAT and ACT for years. By now, you understand the importance of the tests and how the scores can impact your admission or scholarship chances. Now that the school year is starting to approach, you might be wondering how to start with your preparations for the test. What is the best way to prepare? Should you pay for a tutor? Here are three essential things that every student should consider before studying for the SAT/ACT. Discover Yo
Three Ways To Make Your High School Resume Impressive To Colleges
08 July, 2019
Admission rates at top colleges have become more competitive over the past ten years [], with even the best students finding themselves on the waitlist or rejected from many of the schools on their list. If you have your heart set on attending a highly-selective school, then you should start planning on ways to get your resume and application to stand out from the crowded field. With a little bit of creativity, you can ac