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How Do I Determine If I Should Take the ACT or the SAT?
19 February, 2021
"Should my child take the SAT or the ACT?” It’s a question that tends to cause both students AND parents lots of stress and worry. The good news is, there are some great ways to try to answer this question. Read our tips below!
How to Prepare for the SAT or ACT
18 February, 2021
When to register? Which test should you take? What to do? Read our tips on taking the most important tests for college admissions!
10 Facts About the ISEE
10 February, 2021
Noodle Pros is here for all of your ISEE test prep needs! Read what you need to know about the ISEE!
10 Books To Help Your Child Cope With Difficult Issues
09 February, 2021
All children are bound to experience difficult events as they grow up: family members becoming ill or passing away; divorce or separation; moves that takes them away from the familiar comfort of home. In these moments of great sadness and struggle, parents and caregivers might wonder what can be done to ease children’s pain. When complex situations arise before children develop the ability to articulate their emotions, books can help them feel less alone and more at ease with feelings of anger,
How to Make a Career Change at 40 and Still Succeed
27 January, 2021
While we will not ignore the challenges involved in changing careers mostly when you have gone a long way in one career path, it is not impossible to start a new career at 40. You can rise to the peak of your new career despite starting relatively later than most.
How to Make a Career Change at 40 and Still Succeed
23 November, 2020
One would imagine that at 40, you are already approaching the peak of your career. If you have started a career choice after college in your twenties or graduate school in your thirties, by forty, you would have established yourself in your chosen career path. What then happens if you feel you need to make a career change at this age? While we will not ignore the challenges involved in changing careers mostly when you have gone a long way in one career path, we would like to put it out there th
8 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Freshmen Year of College
30 October, 2020
When it comes to your first year of college, there are definitely a few pieces of advice that we all wish we got before stepping onto campus for the first time. While some things you just have to learn from experience, here are 8 things I wish I knew before I started my first year of college.
Tips for Tackling Test Anxiety: An Interview with Noodle Pro, Jonathan Arak
29 October, 2020
Right before it's time to take an important test, are you immediately overcome by fear of failure?  Do you find yourself having negative thoughts and maybe even experiencing physical symptoms?  You are not alone.  Test-taking can evoke these feelings and symptoms and sometimes, it can be difficult to understand the causes of test anxiety. Test anxiety is a psychological condition in which people experience extreme distress and anxiety in test-taking situations. While many people experience some
4 Ways an Academic Manager Can Help With Remote Learning
12 October, 2020
An academic manager is a person who works one-on-one with your child to assist with the day-to-day tasks associated with remote learning. Academic managers can have different levels of involvement depending on the age of your child or your preference as the parent.
5 Tech Tools That Help Improve Reading Comprehension
05 October, 2020
Students who are struggling with reading comprehension— whether or not they have learning disabilities — can use these great tools to hear, map, annotate, and see their books, stories, and other assignments in new ways.
5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Improve Student Success
21 September, 2020
What is mindfulness, you ask? Mindfulness is an elegant word for paying attention to the present moment without being distracted by what’s happening either inside of you (your thoughts and body sensations) or around you.
10 Mnemonic Devices That Every Elementary Schooler Will Remember
14 September, 2020
Want to give your youngster some fun ways to commit lesson content to memory in the elementary grades? She’ll enjoy learning these ten mnemonic tricks spanning several subjects. Use these mnemonic devices to help students memorize some basic facts.