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What is a 504 Plan?
10 January, 2020
Learning how to get a 504 Plan? How will it help your child? What does a 504 Plan include? What are the next steps? If your child’s teacher or school administrator has recommended “getting her on a plan,” don’t panic. This “plan” is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, a 504 plan may be the key to your child’s educational success. What is a 504 plan? In short, a 504 plan is the personalization of your child’s school day. For kids with mild disabilities that affect their learning to a moderat
10 Mnemonic Devices That Every Elementary Schooler Will Remember
28 August, 2019
Simply put, mnemonic strategies are ways to remember things. Want to give your youngster some fun ways to commit lesson content to memory in theelementary grades []? She’ll enjoy learning these ten tricks spanning several subjects: Geography * If you think about the structures that are near them, you’ll have a nifty clue to the names of the Great Lakes: Use the word HOMES, which stands for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. * He
GMAT vs GRE Webinar Presented By Noodle Pros and Stratus Admissions Counseling
11 February, 2019
Planning to apply to business school?  Don’t know which standardized test to take? Noodle Pros experts Neill Seltzer [] and Akil Bello [] will discuss the nitty gritty of the GMAT vs. GRE. Register here [] to reserve your spot.  Registrants are also able to enter themselves for an opportunity to win a 5 hour one-to-one G
Considering Grad School? Read These Books
06 June, 2018
These books tell you everything you need to know about getting into and surviving grad school — from finishing your applications to surviving your master’s thesis. *** To grad or not to grad? The decision to go to grad school shouldn’t be taken lightly, and educating yourself about what you’re really getting into is crucial for anyone considering grad school — and honestly, if you’re over 22 and under 30, chances are you’ve thought about an advanced degree. The application process is tough eno
ACT Announces New Extended Time Policies
22 May, 2018
Have you heard the news? ACT has recently announced big changes to its extended time testing policies [], to be implemented in September 2018. While previous time-and-a-half test takers were permitted to self-pace throughout all four sections, the new section-by section time limits for time-and-a-half ACT testing will be as follows: ACT timing starting September 2018What does this mean for you as a student or parent? St
Studying For The MCAT This Summer? Join Our Webinars With A Top MCAT Tutor
09 May, 2018
If you’re pre-med []or post-bac [] , you’re used to hard work and long hours. And if you’re preparing to take the MCAT in 2018 or 2019, those long hours are about to be… longer. But don’t panic — prep! Jumpstart your summer MCAT studies with four free webinars from top MCAT tutor, Noodle Pro Doug McLemore [
The Medical Student's Guide To Dual Degrees
05 April, 2018
Being an MD is prestigious enough, but some students are going even further and adding and MBA or MPH to their degree list. *** As if Medical school wasn’t challenging enough, dual degree programs have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Whether it’s an MBA or a MPH, dual degrees can expand a student’s qualifications and levels of expertise. We’ve compiled a list of the most common dual degree programs. Keep in mind that requirements and procedures for each program will vary, so
The 5 Stages Of College Rejection: How To Handle Disappointment
26 March, 2018
For graduating high school seniors, every day of college decision season [] holds the promise of being the best day ever. Today could be the day when that (hopefully) thick envelope, or that long congratulatory email, the ticket into your dream school, finally appears. But for some, when that envelope finally does arrive, it is…normal-sized. Being waitlisted [
Noodle Pros Editorial Guidelines
16 March, 2018
The Noodle Pros editorial staff invites contributions from experts in the fields of education, admissions, test-prep, and academic advising for the Noodle Pros blog, #ProTips [].Content spans a wide variety of topics, and contributors are encouraged to demonstrate individual opinions and expertise within the following editorial guidelines: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Length Blog posts and articles should a
SAT Subject Tests: Everything You Need To Know
16 March, 2018
For many students and parents, the SAT Subject Tests [] represent one of the most bewildering aspects of the college admissions process []. Few schools have specific requirements regarding these tests — Subject Tests are optional at many schools, and there are few guidelines regarding which ones (and how many) a student should take — but high scores on multiple
Meet Our LD/2E Specialists
12 March, 2018
Navigating schoolwork, homework, and tests can be a challenge for any student, but this process is especially difficult for a student who has learning differences. Noodle Pros understand how to support students with learning disabilities, AD/ADHD, twice-exceptionalism, and executive functioning disorder, while teaching skills that will lead to lifelong independence and a love of learning. Read on to learn about some of our learning difference, executive function, and twice exceptionalism speci
Lunch. Learn. LSAT.
07 March, 2018
As top LSAT tutors, we know that many of our students are incorporating test prep into very busy schedules. With that in mind, we’ve recently introduced a lunchtime LSAT prep option: the Noodle Pros Lunch and Learn Webinar Series. While these four classes, led by some of our most in-demand LSAT tutors, don’t substitute for true 1:1 tutoring, they offer a terrific (and free) starting off point for students at various phases of their prep processes. Divided by subject — Logic Games (hosted by Kev