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15 July, 2019
You have numerous opportunities to share your experiences in your law school applications through the personal statement, diversity statement, and short answer responses. However, you may need to explain irregularities or discrepancies in your application, too. An addendum can address potential red flags. Typically, addenda are short, objective paragraphs that respectfully ask the admissions committee to consider unusual or extenuating circumstances that would not otherwise be apparent when eva
What Are My Chances At Harvard Business School?
03 January, 2019
Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton and other top business schools have become so competitive that none can be called a target anymore, even if you have a 3.9 from Stanford, a high GMAT score and stellar work experience. As an MBA applicant, you may have heard that you should apply to some stretch schools, target schools and likely, or safety, schools. What does this mean and how do you go about it? In today’s super-competitive MBA application process, it’s a good idea to do your res
How To Maximize Your Chances Of Being Admitted To A Top Business School
17 October, 2017
Multiple studies show that MBA holders earn significantly more than their non-MBA counterparts. There is also evidence showing that the newly-minted MBAs see their annual compensation increase immediately after they graduate and start their first job. *** Gaining admission to one of the top business schools in the United States is no small feat. The “survival rate” – or admissions rate, as it is more commonly known – for applicants to top schools like HBS, Wharton and Stanford stubbornly hover