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SSAT Test Prep: An Overview & Breakdown
25 August, 2021
The SSAT, or Secondary School Admission Test, [] is a standardized test used in the admissions process for private and independent schools. With over 50 expert SSAT tutors, our community is able to guide students efficiently towards their optimal test score. Our team of career tutors know the test inside and out. We tailor our tutoring efforts to fit each individual student in order to focus on both strategies and SSAT test content. The term “standardi
The MCAT: A Deep Dive and Breakdown of the CARS Portion
06 July, 2021
Many MCAT test-takers have a background in the sciences and find that the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) portion of the exam is particularly challenging. On top of the very anxiety-inducing time pressure of the CARS section, the texts that examinees are required to read often come from genres with which students are not familiar, such as literary criticism, art history, and philosophy. To ensure that candidates have the opportunity to achieve their target score, we have include
LSAT Prep: Why Is It So Important and How Should You Proceed?
30 June, 2021
If you're planning to attend law school in North America, you'll probably need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) as part of the admissions process. The test is intended to measure the skills critical to success in the first year of law school, like reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and writing ability. There are countless nuances to the LSAT itself, and studying for it is best undertaken as a months-long endeavor--but before you dive into it, there are a number of general poin
The GRE vs the GMAT: Which Test is Right for You?
25 June, 2021
Are you considering applying to graduate school? You may be wondering which graduate admissions exam you should take — the GRE or the GMAT. Until recently, the choice was clear: take the GMAT for a graduate business program (like an MBA) and take the GRE for almost any other graduate program in the arts and sciences. In 2006, however, Stanford began accepting the GRE for Business School applications, and since then more and more business schools have joined in. So if you are planning to apply to
How Much Do Extracurriculars Matter In College Admissions: A Word From Moon Prep
22 June, 2021
In the 2020-21 cycle, 10% more college applications [] were submitted compared to the previous year. Students were applying to more schools, as the most selective universities [] , like Harvard University, Brown University, and New York University, all saw hu
Medical School and the MCAT: A Guide to the Basics, Breakdown, and Scores
15 June, 2021
By Erik Kolb, Noodle Pros MCAT CARS Tutor What Is the MCAT? If you plan to attend medical school in the United States (and some places in Canada), you are likely aware that the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a major factor in the application process. Developed by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), taking the MCAT is often the most daunting task facing prospective physicians who are competing for the limited number of spots available each year at medical schools.
Get Ahead on Your College Applications This Summer
04 June, 2021
You're entering your senior year of high school — it's natural to want to celebrate. Before you pick out your dancing shoes, consider spending this summer doing activities that will help you get into the college of your dreams. The summer before senior year of high school marks the home stretch in the college admissions process. By this time, you have researched schools and narrowed down your list of where to apply. This summer is your time to prepare for the application and interview process,
What to Know: A Look into the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam with Jonathan Arak
04 June, 2021
If you're reading this, you're likely already aware of the Hunter College High School admissions process, but there is always the possibility that certain aspects of the entrance exam may be causing some uncertainty. The test typically is administered in mid-January, but given that the last year presented precarious circumstances, the 2021 test will now take place toward the end of June. Although it feels like time is running out, students still have the opportunity to sharpen their existing a
Life After College: How Not to Get Slapped by Reality When You Graduate
24 May, 2021
Sometimes you just need to take “Human Evolution” and try to feel excited about the body’s ability to digest milk. Many students spend their whole lives trying to get into college, only to wake up one day, post-graduation, rubbing their eyes and wondering, “What just happened?” It's the real world that happened. And it's ridiculous. How to prepare for life after college. The most powerful moment of my college experience was when I told my advisor that I didn’t feel like I was developing skill
How to Discuss Your Mental Health on College Applications
19 May, 2021
Should you write about depression in your personal statement? Should you disclose mental health challenges elsewhere on your college application? Here's what experts say. Within the next few months, many rising high school seniors will be staring at a blank computer screen with the same question on their minds: What should I write about in my college application essay?  This question can feel heavy.  After all, by the time students approach the end of their junior year, they’ve surely heard lot
5 Unusual College Applications and Why They Didn’t (or Did) Work
17 May, 2021
Have you been thinking about submitting an atypical college application? Learn from a veteran admissions dean how going above and beyond can sometimes backfire. Having served as an admissions dean at a selective university for nearly 30 years, it should come as no surprise that I have seen some pretty unorthodox approaches to the application process. “Unorthodox” is one of those words that has a little more specificity than “interesting” or “unusual” to describe outliers — people or things tha
The SAT: What Parents Should Know
14 May, 2021
Most parents come into the college admissions process with a lot of questions. There’s a dizzying array of information to digest. And whether you prepped extensively for the SAT yourself or never took it, much has changed over the past few decades--in both the test itself and the admissions environment it occupies. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of important points for parents to consider when gearing up for the test prep process. This article doesn’t so much cover answers to parents