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Fun Family Activities To Put The Brakes On Summer Learning Loss
07 July, 2018
When the first day of school rolls around each fall, elementary school teachers have to confront the inevitable “summer slide” — that is, the loss of skills school kids seem to experience over the long days of summer. As a parent, you probably want to help your kids maintain their academic aptitude without becoming a nag. Here are some fun family activities that will keep everyone sharp (and happy) throughout the summer months. 1. Read and Write Everything. Be intentional about including your c
5 Tech Tools That Help Improve Reading Comprehension
30 January, 2018
Students who are struggling to understand and remember what they’ve read — whether or not they have learning disabilities — can use these great tools to hear, map, annotate, and see their books, stories, and other assignments in new ways. *** Any parent or teacher who has taught a child to read will tell you that interpreting a text involves two steps. The first step involves decoding and defining individual words. The second (and more important) step is being able to understand what those wor
Educational Games To Keep Kids Entertained During Long Trips
20 December, 2017
There is a version of heaven that many parents have: Traveling alone. Wishing you could be one of those business people in first class, nodding off in headphones with the white wine and reading material on your tray table? Or how about that glamorous couple racing by in a fancy car on their cross-country road trip? But that’s not our journey, is it, parents? The secret to traveling with children: A captive audience. Trips offer the opportunity to try fun and educational games that could likely
3 Desktop Literacy Tools Dyslexics May Not Know About (But Should)
08 November, 2017
Currently, dyslexic students can use their smartphones and tablets for a variety of academic work that involves reading and writing. There are apps for text-to-speech, dictation, word-prediction, optical character recognition, and advanced spell checking, to name just a few. However, more robust desktop software can still play a key role in the education of students that have difficulty with various language skills. *** One of the most overused and tiresome phrases in recent history originated
7 Educational Activities To Do On Your Car Ride To School
25 September, 2017
Get your child’s mind warmed up for class by engaging in educational activities with your child on the way to school. The association between games and education will help her think of learning as fun. *** Between your career, housework, and everything else you have on your schedule, it can be hard to find time to engage in educational activities with your child. But, if you drive your child to school, this is one uninterrupted block of time you have together every weekday. Why not take advan
10 Educational Games For Family Fun
21 September, 2017
Here are ten games you might want to give a try on family game night. *** If you’ve got a kid who loves to play games, you’ve got a great opportunity to incorporate some education into their play time. Gaming companies are developing tons of games that are both educational and fun for parents who want more than mindless button-clicking or dice-rolling for their child’s game time. Here are ten games you might want to give a try on family game night. Educational Board Games 1. Cranium Crani
8 Math Apps Students Of All Ages Need To Download
12 June, 2017
There are many apps and computer programs that make numbers fun for all ages, and provide the help we need when we’re stuck. Here are a few suggestions for children young and old(er): Young Children Counting Caterpillar [] (Bellmon; iOS — $1.99) Preschoolers and kindergarteners can practice their counting and nurture their inner entomologists with this visually interesting game, which has players figure out how many aphids (small insects) it takes to sat