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How To Tutor With Integrity When Not Everyone Does
14 March, 2019
Dear Friends of Noodle Pros, There are two truths about high-quality test prep that, when combined, add up to a very real economic advantage for those who can afford it: 1. It works. We are very good at what we do, quite possibly the best in the business. We raise scores, more than most and faster than any other outfit I have seen in the business. 2. It costs money. Our tutors are highly experienced professionals. Many are dedicated full-time to the profession of tutoring. Mo
#AdmissionsPros: Keeping It Relative With Michael Muska
30 May, 2018
Welcome to#AdmissionsPros []! In this series, admissions advisors and educational consultants offer their advice and insight on the big picture of elementary, secondary, and graduate school admissions — from extracurriculars, to essays, to, (of course) standardized tests. Michael Muska has been working in admissions for nearly 30 years at such institutions as Brown, Oberlin, Cornell, Poly Prep, Phillips Andover Academy, and Milton Academy.
What Baseball Parents Should Know About Academic Scholarships And Recruiting
26 February, 2018
Looking for a baseball scholarship? Here are some steps you can take to get closer to that dream. *** Any parent whose son has made the high school baseball team has probably entertained the thought that baseball could be his “ticket” to college. But before signing a check for another hitting lesson, parents should make sure they understand some fundamentals about the baseball recruiting process. Most college baseball players do not have athletic scholarships. This is simply a matter of numbe
Athletic Scholarships: Head Count Vs. Equivalency Sports
15 February, 2018
The kind of scholarship available to you as an athlete depends on the sport you play. Learn about the difference between head count and equivalency sports. *** Earning an athletic scholarship is one of the most rewarding experiences of being an athlete; in addition to its obvious financial benefits, it serves as an affirmation that your hard work and commitment have paid off. As early as elementary school, kids all over the country dream of being college athletes. They spend hour upon hour on
Initial-Eligibility Requirements For Aspiring Collegiate Student-Athletes
28 December, 2017
Are you a college-bound student-athlete? If so, there are many factors that you’ll need to consider when thinking about which school to attend. One of the most important things that you must understand are initial-eligibility requirements, which are the academic prerequisites that must be met prior to being eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. There are three major intercollegiate sports organizations in the United States that have initial-eligibility requirements: the National
Ivy League Athletes, Admissions, And The Academic Index
04 December, 2017
The academic index ranks applicants on a scale from 60 to 240, with each of three categories counting for 20 to 80 points: grades, SAT scores, and SAT Subject Test scores. For example,  a GPA of zero is worth 20 points, and a 4.0 is worth 80. SAT scores, as determined by the average of the math and reading test scores, are worth 20 points for a 200, and up to 80 points for a perfect 800.SAT Subject Test scores, which are assessed as the average of the best two (or three) submitted scores, are al
#Winning: What You Need To Know About Online Recruiting For College Sports
19 September, 2017
The NCAA has put in place many restrictions on how colleges recruit student-athletes, and more and more coaches have turned to NCAA-approved online recruiting services to help them in their searches. This strategy allows them to eliminate the clutter associated with physical recruitment materials and to get to know all of the contenders more efficiently. *** Picture this: You’re a college coach. Your job is to bring in the best student-athletes to the program — the elite players who can give y
Athletes: Raise Your Academic Index By Raising Your Test Scores
18 September, 2017
If you’re a great athlete with lower scores, you may need teammates to raise you into the admissible range or the coach will tell you to take the test again.  It may often be what admissions is telling them. If you’re a good athlete that is being recruited with good scores, you’re in better shape but still might be asked to take the test again for the good of the team.  Don’t be insulted if it’s a school you really want to attend – be a team player. *** It’s been almost thirty years since I wo
Verbal Commitment vs. National Letter Of Intent: The Differences Recruits Should Know
08 August, 2017
High school sports are exciting, but the stakes are even higher when college recruiters enter the equation. Two terms that can cause confusion for high schoolers looking to participate in college athletics are verbal commitment and National Letter of Intent. Here’s what you need to know: Verbal Commitment The verbal commitment has become a trend in recent years. It refers to a non-binding agreement that can be made at any time by a college-bound student-athlete before she signs a National Lett