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3 Tips to Help You Memorize Anything
09 September, 2019
You’ve probably had that stressful feeling before: you’ve got to memorize what feels like hundreds of dates, spellings, chemical equations or types of bones, and you have no idea how you’ll ever commit all those facts to memory. Butyou will. []The good news is that memorization is not as hard as you think, and almost anyone can improve their memory with practice. In fact, there are severaleasy-to-use techniques [http://www
Five Surefire Ways For Students To Manage College Application Stress Effectively
04 September, 2019
Applying to colleges can be stressful, and for teenagers, this decision is one of the biggest they will have made in their lives. College-bound seniors might be feeling overwhelmed and overworked as admissions deadlines loom closer, and the stress will build as they struggle to finish everything on time. The application process isn’t easy, so students should create a plan of action on how to cope with the added pressure. Parents can also serve as a supportive shoulder to lean on during this bus
3 Ways to Find Great Colleges for You Without Using Rankings
15 August, 2019
Numbers sometimes lie (and people sometimes lie about numbers). More importantly, numbers don’t tell the whole story. When you’relooking at colleges [], you’ll want to make judicious use of the available numbers — and then look beyond them to uncover information about what life at a school isreallylike. What the Numbers CAN Tell You Paying attention tocertain numbers []when engaging in the college search makes sense. Yo
How to Explain a Bad Grade to College Admissions
12 August, 2019
A bad grade can seriously damage your college application. Sometimes bad grades come without a particularly useful explanation; they are simply the result of a failure to work at the appropriate level for the course you’re taking. But some bad grades are the result of situations beyond your control. In those instances, it’s worth taking the time to provide the admissions committee with the context to understand those bad grades. Malady or Other Ailments In the case of illness or surgery, you sh
Three Essential Things To Consider With SAT/ACT Test Prep Services
08 August, 2019
As a high school student, you’ve most likely heard about the SAT and ACT for years. By now, you understand the importance of the tests and how the scores can impact your admission or scholarship chances. Now that the school year is starting to approach, you might be wondering how to start with your preparations for the test. What is the best way to prepare? Should you pay for a tutor? Here are three essential things that every student should consider before studying for the SAT/ACT. Discover Yo
Being a Leader in College Will Help You Succeed After Graduation
17 June, 2019
I went to a formerly all-male college, three years after they started admitting women. The school had a strong athletic program, and boasted a wide variety of highly competitive inter-varsity teams. All of the teams were, of course, male. A motley crew of women, myself included, banded together to form a women’s basketball team. Encouraged by the university president, we proudly donned the school’s blue and white colors for our first game, merely a year after we formed the team. While we never
Deferred For Admission? Here’s What To Do
13 June, 2019
The majority of students who applied to college using early action or early decision applications receive decision letters in mid to late December. Many students will receive a letter stating their admission has been deferred and their application will be evaluated with the regular admission applications (regular admission applications typically are evaluated between mid-January and March, depending on the college or university). To increase your chances for admission as a regular applicant, f
Climbing the Academic Ladder: Moving From Undergraduate to Graduate School
18 April, 2019
You have finished your undergraduate program; if you aren’t already searching for a job, you are likely getting ready for graduate school. As you prepare for the grad school journey, understand that this new level of education will be quite different. You will conduct extensive research, read voraciously, and write more than you ever have, but the rewards of earning a graduate degree are invaluable. Graduate school opened my mind in ways I could not imagine, and after graduation, I landed my dr
Issue 4: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
12 April, 2019
Welcome back to another edition of Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler, a weekly chance for parents to feel like a teenager again without having to post on Snapchat or play Fortnite. In this week’s issue, three questions that resemble what high schoolers could see on this week’s ACT. Standard disclaimer: no specific rule or formula is needed to solve the Math question, calculators are allowed, you need only fix the two English questions but not name the errors, and none of the three quest
SAT History Subject Test
10 April, 2019
Series Overview Welcome to the third post in our SAT Subject Test series. Previous posts in the series can be found below: SAT Literature Subject Test [] SAT Physics Subject Test [] In this post, we will cover the SAT History Subject Test. Specs * 60 minutes * 90 questions * Covers American history from prehistory to the present * Pre-Columbia
Issue 2: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
29 March, 2019
Welcome back to another edition of Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler, a weekly chance for parents to show their teens who’s boss or to lie to them that you lost on purpose. Maybe you’ll fare better here than with your NCAA bracket. This week’s edition features three questions that could appear on an ACT: one from Math and two from English. (Future editions will feature SAT questions, too.) As always, the Math question doesn’t require knowledge of a specific rule or formula, but, like the
What To Do When You've Been Waitlisted
21 March, 2019
Some colleges and universities can’t admit all of the students they would like to—or might want the option to—in regular decision. The result? Waitlisted. Getting admitted from the waitlist is not easy, but it is possible at some schools. Although I do not suggest being overly optimistic, some strategies can help increase your chances. If you have time, which many seniors do as the school year winds down, I suggest implementing them. Before you get to work, familiarize yourself with waitlist d