Elementary School

Help your child stay on track and engaged in learning while taking full advantage of the joys of childhood.

5 Ways To Help Your Child With Dyscalculia Master Math
23 February, 2018
If your child has dyscalculia, implement these five learning tips and tricks to help them overcome their struggle with numbers. “Dyscalculia” is another word for a math disorder. It can apply to difficulties with calculations, visuo-spatial tasks, memory for math concepts, formulae, or other math-related tasks. According to researchers, 6.5 percent of the school population [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11138905] in the United States has (Developmental) Dyscalculia, but many others have
High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: Essentials Parents Should Know
20 February, 2018
The CDC estimates that 1 in 68 American children are born with autism spectrum disorder. If you’re a parent of a child with high-functioning ASD, you may wonder how to get your child the learning supports he or she needs [https://www.noodlepros.com/blog/2017/11/03/recognizing-signs-learning-disability/] . Hear from expert Jules Csillag about the symptoms, diagnostic process, and educational interventions available to kids and families. *** If you think your child may have high-functioning Auti
"She Created Such A Positive Work Environment For My Children"
15 February, 2018
At Noodle Pros, we consider the relationship we build with each of our families to be one of the best parts of the job. For tutor Morgan Leff [https://www.noodlepros.com/tutor/profile/ZTUwODgxMGNjM2ZjYzE], a third grade teacher at a Manhattan private school with over 10 years’ experience tutoring one on one, a wide-ranging skillset and the ability to differentiate her instruction is key to working with multiple students from the same family. One satisfied parent raved: “My family is thrilled t
5 Tech Tools That Help Improve Reading Comprehension
30 January, 2018
Students who are struggling to understand and remember what they’ve read — whether or not they have learning disabilities — can use these great tools to hear, map, annotate, and see their books, stories, and other assignments in new ways. *** Any parent or teacher who has taught a child to read will tell you that interpreting a text involves two steps. The first step involves decoding and defining individual words. The second (and more important) step is being able to understand what those wor
Inclusive Education: How To Be An Advocate For Your Child
12 December, 2017
Parents may face many challenges when exploring education options — especially if they have a child with special needs. How do parents find the educational setting that best fits their child’s specific needs? Will the supports they’re seeking for their child be provided by the school? And, if not, how do parents advocate for a more suitable placement? Finding the right education for a child with a disability can be challenging, but the search is most effective when accompanied by research and a
Feminism For First-Graders, And Other Ways To Support Early Gender Equity
21 November, 2017
Typically, one of first questions asked when a family announces a pregnancy is: “Is it a boy or a girl?” One might step back and wonder, why do we care? As a society, we seem to have an innate interest in identifying and categorizing by sex. This is true even in an era when many modern parents (and even major stores like Target [https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/08/13/target-will-stop-selling-toys-for-boys-or-for-girls-good/] ) are moving away from the boy/girl, blue/pink di
How To Calm Your Child Before A Standardized Test
08 November, 2017
Anxiety will not help your child do well on any test. As a parent, you want to do all that you can to calm your young test-taker. *** Standardized tests of significance begin in the third grade because many educational experts believe this is the right age to gauge how well a child is reading and to test knowledge on core subjects. Studies have shown that kids who are not reading well by the third grade will struggle academically through high school. Over the past decade or so, the No Child L
Help Your Child Balance Homework And After-School Sports
03 November, 2017
Most afternoons, my children come home from school with their backpacks loaded with homework assignments. They both play multiple sports, and it’s always an ongoing struggle to find a way to get it all done before bedtime. More often than not, it’s a losing battle. As a result, the kids are up late into the night, trying to finish those last math equations or study their spelling words. In the morning they wake up tired, only to start the cycle all over again. Many Kids Today Juggle Homework a
Help Your Kid Ace The Next Spelling Test
24 October, 2017
Love it or hate it, the weekly spelling test is an elementary school tradition in many schools. When first-graders bring home a spelling list for the first time, often they are thrilled to study for a real test. However, once the novelty of the experience wears off, kids aren’t as motivated to study. Most of the words are easy, but the tricky entries that dot the list can mean trouble for an unprepared student. Kids will need to review for the spelling test in order to get a good grade, but mos
5 Important Rules For Choosing An After-School Program
16 October, 2017
After-school programs are a great way to keep students engaged and encourage their development outside of the classroom. With the number of programs available today, many parents may find it difficult to seek out the one that best fits their child’s needs. Here are a few factors parents should keep in mind during their selection process. 1. Find a Low Faculty to Student Ratio A low adult to student ratio is an important characteristic for fostering meaningful relationships between a program’s
17 Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Private School
09 October, 2017
For many parents, one of the biggest decisions they make is where to send their children to school: public, private, or religious school. Having been a public and private school student and parent, I know first hand some of the benefits of independent education. (Disclaimer: there is a wide range of schools of all types, so your local options may vary.) If you are already considering writing those tuition checks, here are some of the positive qualities you can expect: 1. Small Class Size Look
7 Educational Activities To Do On Your Car Ride To School
25 September, 2017
Get your child’s mind warmed up for class by engaging in educational activities with your child on the way to school. The association between games and education will help her think of learning as fun. *** Between your career, housework, and everything else you have on your schedule, it can be hard to find time to engage in educational activities with your child. But, if you drive your child to school, this is one uninterrupted block of time you have together every weekday. Why not take advan