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Balancing Homework and After-School Sports
06 January, 2020
Most afternoons my children come home from school with their backpacks loaded with homework assignments. They both play multiple sports, and it’s always an ongoing struggle to find a way to balance homework and after-school sports before bedtime. More often than not, it’s a losing battle. As a result, the kids are up late into the night, trying to finish those last math equations or study their spelling words. In the morning they wake up tired, only to start the cycle all over again. Many Kids
3 Tips to Help You Memorize Anything
09 September, 2019
You’ve probably had that stressful feeling before: you’ve got to memorize what feels like hundreds of dates, spellings, chemical equations or types of bones, and you have no idea how you’ll ever commit all those facts to memory. Butyou will. []The good news is that memorization is not as hard as you think, and almost anyone can improve their memory with practice. In fact, there are severaleasy-to-use techniques [http://www
How To Tutor With Integrity When Not Everyone Does
14 March, 2019
Dear Friends of Noodle Pros, There are two truths about high-quality test prep that, when combined, add up to a very real economic advantage for those who can afford it: 1. It works. We are very good at what we do, quite possibly the best in the business. We raise scores, more than most and faster than any other outfit I have seen in the business. 2. It costs money. Our tutors are highly experienced professionals. Many are dedicated full-time to the profession of tutoring. Mo
Advocating for Your Gifted Child Within the Public School System
25 February, 2019
A parent is her child’s best advocate. Many times, as parents, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to speak up for our child, especially when she is too young to speak up for herself. Parents ofgifted children []are often in the uncomfortable position of advocating for their child when her unique learning needs are not being met at school. When we see that we have to address these educational concerns with our child’s teacher
A Strategy to Help Your Child Better Manage Her Time
19 February, 2019
As your child gets older, you probably notice that her commitment to school, sports, and extracurricular activities is growing, too. Middle and high school students generally have more homework than younger kids, and the number of practices for athletics, dance, music, hobbies and other activities increases as participants move to higher levels of achievement and skills. The Juggling Act of Taking on Too Much With so many competing responsibilities to juggle, the weight of all of the commitmen
When One Child Is Gifted: Avoiding Sibling Rivalry
15 March, 2018
Having one child who is academically gifted and one who struggles in school may create a tense family dynamic. Here is what parents can do to avoid conflict and encourage happy sibling relationships. *** If you’re a parent of two or more kids, you know that siblings are usually not equally talented at the same things; each child brings his or her own aptitudes and challenges to the table. In some cases, one child may be classified as gifted [
3+1+4 Fun Facts About Pi
13 March, 2018
Q: Why shouldn’t you talk to Pi? A: Because once he starts, he’ll never stop! *** March 14 is “Pi-Day” (3.14, get it?), a beloved holiday for math geeks nationwide. If you’re a student or teacher, you’ll probably be celebrating this fun day in school — hopefully with some apple pie, or pizza pie, or both. But before you take out your paper plates and dust off your geometry puns, here are 3 + 1 + 4 fun facts about this namesake irrational number: 1. Pi is a ratio; as such, it never changes. It
Meet Our LD/2E Specialists
12 March, 2018
Navigating schoolwork, homework, and tests can be a challenge for any student, but this process is especially difficult for a student who has learning differences. Noodle Pros understand how to support students with learning disabilities, AD/ADHD, twice-exceptionalism, and executive functioning disorder, while teaching skills that will lead to lifelong independence and a love of learning. Read on to learn about some of our learning difference, executive function, and twice exceptionalism speci
Deciphering Jargon At The Parent-Teacher Conference
06 March, 2018
Teacher lingo can feel like a different language. Here’s a crash course in some vocabulary you might hear at your next parent-teacher conference. *** ‘Tis the season of the parent-teacher conference. Every couple of years, a new version of teacher-speak comes into play. Most educators will explain the terms they use, but here is a rundown of key words you might hear bandied about. Accommodations:This is typically used to describe changes made to instruction in order to insure inclusion of stu
The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: An IQ Test Unlike Any Other
26 September, 2017
The Stanford-Binet’s results are highly sensitive and often quite accurate, even when administered to young children. Unlike other tests for school admission to public or private school, the Stanford-Binet does not test how much or how well a child has learned up to the point of the test, but instead is predictive of general intelligence. *** My educational advisory firm works with as many as 1,500 parent clients each year, dealing with all points of school entry, from preschool to high school
Understanding Academic Summer Programs For High-Achieving Students
20 June, 2017
Many parents are curious to know which academic summer programs are the most successful. Success, however, will depend on the student: Academic programs can be effective — or not — depending on whether they are the right fit for a specific student. Should Your Child Attend an Academic Summer Program? Summer is everything that the school year is not. It is blissfully free of they typical schizophrenic school schedule, there are no assignments hanging over your head, You  have large blocks of unst
How To Find Great Summer Activities For Your Gifted Child
19 June, 2017
Even though summer camps often state that they have programs for high-ability or gifted children, their offerings may not meet your child’s interests or needs. Without the right combination of interest and stimulation, gifted children can quickly find themselves bored. *** School’s out, and you still haven’t found a summer activity to keep your gifted child engaged in the coming months. Finding something that will meet your child’s need for enrichment isn’t as straightforward as registering her