Going To Business School With A Family

Pursuing an MBA with your partner, spouse, and/or children in tow.

Climbing the Academic Ladder: Moving From Undergraduate to Graduate School
18 April, 2019
You have finished your undergraduate program; if you aren’t already searching for a job, you are likely getting ready for graduate school. As you prepare for the grad school journey, understand that this new level of education will be quite different. You will conduct extensive research, read voraciously, and write more than you ever have, but the rewards of earning a graduate degree are invaluable. Graduate school opened my mind in ways I could not imagine, and after graduation, I landed my dr
GMAT vs GRE Webinar Presented By Noodle Pros and Stratus Admissions Counseling
11 February, 2019
Planning to apply to business school?  Don’t know which standardized test to take? Noodle Pros experts Neill Seltzer [https://www.noodlepros.com/tutor/profile/OTc3Yzk4ZTk4MGU5MDR] and Akil Bello [https://www.noodlepros.com/tutor/profile/ZDljOTljZWQ5ZTc0ZTB] will discuss the nitty gritty of the GMAT vs. GRE. Register here [https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/7025940170936335875] to reserve your spot.  Registrants are also able to enter themselves for an opportunity to win a 5 hour one-to-one G
Expert Tips For Getting Your Executive MBA
13 February, 2018
If you’re considering an Executive MBA, you are probably already busy with a variety of commitments. Learn key time and money hacks for fitting an EMBA into your life — and making the most out of your experience. *** Getting an Executive MBA (or EMBA) can change your life. It can jumpstart your career, facilitate a promotion, or ease a shift from one job (or even one career path) to another. But since EMBA candidates often pursue their degrees later in life than their MBA counterparts [https:
Business School Part Three - MBAs For Applicants In Committed Relationships
19 July, 2017
Some factors to consider for both you and your partner as you navigate this difficult, but exciting decision. *** Business schools have an enormous range in philosophy, focus, peer networks, alumni support, and educational approach. Your vision for an MBA may be matched by some schools, but not by others. It’s critical to research what you can expect from a particular B-School for both content and experience. For applicants in committed relationships, the spend decision becomes even more com
Going To Business School With A Family (Part Two: Opportunities)
10 July, 2017
Here’s who B-schools consider eligible partners: boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés, spouses, domestic partners, and those in any kind of domestic relationship. You need not “qualify” as a partner, nor do you have to be living at the school. You can be in a relationship “remotely” and just be an occasional visitor. No need to apply. Everyone is welcome. *** When pediatrician Dr. Wilhelmina Hernandez and her boyfriend were considering B-school, she was already an established doctor, and they were
Do You Mix Your Business School And Family: Part One, Overview
03 July, 2017
You’ll be entering an intensive, demanding environment populated with driven, young professionals. The pull of academics, socializing, and networking on family time can contribute to a partner’s isolation. *** Deciding to go to business school can be as exciting as it can be complex. There are many important questions to ask yourself, such as: should I get an MBA? Do I really want a career in business? What do I expect the MBA to do for me? Can I forgo a salary for two years, and pay the cost