What does it take to get into a competitive graduate program and succeed there? Our experts weigh in.

Must-Know Facts for Starting Your Law School Application
14 October, 2020
The law school application process is evaluated on your LSAT, your GPA, and other factors. Here, I'll break down each component of the law school application and explain what you'll need to know.
Expert Tips for Getting Your Executive MBA
23 September, 2020
Getting anExecutive MBA [](or EMBA) can change your life. It can jumpstart your career, facilitate a promotion, or ease a shift from one job (or even one career path) to another. But since EMBA candidates often pursue their degrees later in life than their MBA counterparts — and since they need to continue working while they earn their degrees — this educational path presents a unique set of time and money management challenges. Here are some hac
5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Improve Student Success
21 September, 2020
What is mindfulness, you ask? Mindfulness is an elegant word for paying attention to the present moment without being distracted by what’s happening either inside of you (your thoughts and body sensations) or around you.
5 Female Tutors Who Empower MBA Applicants
19 August, 2020
When veteran Noodle Pros tutor Lisa Liberati heard that 60% more men than women took the GMAT in 2019, she had two words: “It’s insane.” In 2018, the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business made history [] by being the first major U.S. business school to reach gender parity. With 52% female and 48% male students enrolled in its incoming class, the school set a precedent for the
22 April, 2020
The Fortuna team [] continues to receive a flurry of Coronavirus-related updates from the senior leadership of the nation’s top business schools. Among the daily developments are unprecedented changes in the MBA application process – from the ability to submit applications without exam scores (INSEAD, LBS, Wharton, Columbia) to larger waitlists (HBS), app fee waivers (Kellogg, Darden), and extended R3 deadlines (Haas, Fuqua, Booth, Kellogg & many others).
Climbing the Academic Ladder: Moving From Undergraduate to Graduate School
18 April, 2019
You have finished your undergraduate program; if you aren’t already searching for a job, you are likely getting ready for graduate school. As you prepare for the grad school journey, understand that this new level of education will be quite different. You will conduct extensive research, read voraciously, and write more than you ever have, but the rewards of earning a graduate degree are invaluable. Graduate school opened my mind in ways I could not imagine, and after graduation, I landed my dr
How To Tutor With Integrity When Not Everyone Does
14 March, 2019
Dear Friends of Noodle Pros, There are two truths about high-quality test prep that, when combined, add up to a very real economic advantage for those who can afford it: 1. It works. We are very good at what we do, quite possibly the best in the business. We raise scores, more than most and faster than any other outfit I have seen in the business. 2. It costs money. Our tutors are highly experienced professionals. Many are dedicated full-time to the profession of tutoring. Mo
GMAT vs GRE Webinar Presented By Noodle Pros and Stratus Admissions Counseling
11 February, 2019
Planning to apply to business school?  Don’t know which standardized test to take? Noodle Pros experts Neill Seltzer [] and Akil Bello [] will discuss the nitty gritty of the GMAT vs. GRE. Register here [] to reserve your spot.  Registrants are also able to enter themselves for an opportunity to win a 5 hour one-to-one G
What Are My Chances At Harvard Business School?
03 January, 2019
Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton and other top business schools have become so competitive that none can be called a target anymore, even if you have a 3.9 from Stanford, a high GMAT score and stellar work experience. As an MBA applicant, you may have heard that you should apply to some stretch schools, target schools and likely, or safety, schools. What does this mean and how do you go about it? In today’s super-competitive MBA application process, it’s a good idea to do your res
#AdmissionsPros: Getting Admitted With Kofi Kankam
13 August, 2018
Welcome to # [] AdmissionsPros []! In this series, admissions advisors and educational consultants offer their advice and insight on the big picture of elementary, secondary, and graduate school admissions — from extracurriculars, to essays, to, (of course) standardized tests. As the founder and CEO of Admit Advantage [] and [https://www.admit.
Considering Grad School? Read These Books
06 June, 2018
These books tell you everything you need to know about getting into and surviving grad school — from finishing your applications to surviving your master’s thesis. *** To grad or not to grad? The decision to go to grad school shouldn’t be taken lightly, and educating yourself about what you’re really getting into is crucial for anyone considering grad school — and honestly, if you’re over 22 and under 30, chances are you’ve thought about an advanced degree. The application process is tough eno
#AdmissionsPros: Shaifali Aggarwal Keeps It Real In MBA Admissions
22 May, 2018
Welcome to#AdmissionsPros []! In this series, admissions advisors and educational consultants offer their advice and insight on the big picture of elementary, secondary, and graduate school admissions — from extracurriculars, to essays, to, (of course) standardized tests. Shaifali Aggarwal is the Founder and CEO ofIvy Groupe [], a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm that assists students at every phase of the