What does it take to get into a competitive graduate program and succeed there? Our experts weigh in.

#AdmissionsPros: Improving Odds With David White Of Menlo Coaching
03 May, 2018
Welcome to #AdmissionsPros []! In this series, admissions advisors and educational consultants offer their advice and insight on the big picture of elementary, secondary, and graduate school admissions — from extracurriculars, to essays, to, (of course) standardized tests. David White and his partner Alice van Harten are co-founders of Menlo Coaching [], a boutique admissions consulting firm that helps MBA applica
Going From Undergraduate To Grad School? Here's What To Expect
18 April, 2018
Many undergraduate students choose to continue their time in academia by going directly into grad school. Find out what you can expect as you climb the academic ladder. *** You have finished your undergraduate program; if you aren’t already searching for a job, you are likely getting ready for graduate school. As you prepare for the grad school journey, understand that this new level of education will be quite different. You will conduct extensive research, read voraciously, and write more th
On Short Notice, The GMAT Just Got Shorter
04 April, 2018
GMAC has announced [] a reduction in the number of questions in both the Quantitative an
Lunch. Learn. LSAT.
07 March, 2018
As top LSAT tutors, we know that many of our students are incorporating test prep into very busy schedules. With that in mind, we’ve recently introduced a lunchtime LSAT prep option: the Noodle Pros Lunch and Learn Webinar Series. While these four classes, led by some of our most in-demand LSAT tutors, don’t substitute for true 1:1 tutoring, they offer a terrific (and free) starting off point for students at various phases of their prep processes. Divided by subject — Logic Games (hosted by Kev
10 Essentials For Acing The MBA Admissions Interview
21 February, 2018
Receiving an offer to interview is a major milestone in the MBA admissions process [], worthy of pause and quiet self-congratulations. While not yet time to pop the champagne, an interview offer is a clear signal you’ve caught the attention of admissions and that the school believes in your potential. Admissions acceptance rates among the top 10 schools dropped to a record 14.5% selectivity [
100 Ways To Improve Your GMAT Score
09 February, 2018
Noodle ProTom Miller []has been tutoring the GMAT since 1995, and is one of the first professional instructors to teach the GMAT online. As a tutor, he has written test materials, created curricula, and trained teachers to maximize success on a variety of standardized tests. A former international attorney, Tom also taught Business, Business Law, and English as a Second Language in northern Europe and in the Middle East. Suffice it to s
"What Anna Taught Was More Than Just Concepts and Equations."
25 January, 2018
Anna Gazumyan-Silverman [] has been tutoring for over a decade, so she knows a thing or two about mastering standardized exams. For one recent GRE student, Anna’s tips for maximizing time made all the difference. “Anna was a great tutor! She made my time studying for the GRE (particularly the math section) more pleasant for me, while still pushing me hard to succeed. She is funny (yet serious), and is overall a good-natured person. But
How Does PhD Funding Work?
11 December, 2017
To understand how funding works for PhD programs, you first need to understand the different possible funding scenarios. Here is a breakdown of the different ways PhD candidates are funded by their universities. Full Funding Students are said to be “fully funded” if their tuition has been waived by the university and they receive a stipend to cover living expenses. Full funding can come with a variety of responsibilities, and often includes a certain number of semesters as a teaching assistan
How To Apply To Grad School In 10 Easy Steps
26 October, 2017
Grad school isn’t easy. Neither is applying for it. Here are 10 simple steps for applying to grad school, from finding the right program to showing up for the first day of class. Step 1. Decide on at least 9 schools. Three of these schools should be schools that you dream of, with the top programs in the field. They are your reach schools. Three of these should be schools at which you have a solid chance. This means that you fit the requirements (GRE scores, GPA, good letters of rec, etc.) and