How To Succeed In College

Make the most of your time in college and use these #ProTips to ensure that you succeed.

Choosing A College For A Student With Learning Disabilities
09 February, 2018
Different colleges offer different levels of disability care and services. Investigate the details of these programs to ensure that your selected schools will cater to your student’s needs. *** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m often asked which colleges might be right for students described as learning disabled, the students with whom I work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would be conv
8 Questions That Will Stump Your College Tour Guide
26 January, 2018
After going on a few college tours, you may start feeling as if things are a bit scripted. Ask these questions to get the most out of your visits, and to determine whether a particular school is the right fit. *** There’s one on every tour: a parent or prospective student who tries to break up the monotony of the fourth campus visit in two days with a question that catches the tour guide off guard, resulting in a brief, unscripted moment of improvisation. During my college tours, this person
A Professor's 11 Tips For A Successful First Year Of College
24 August, 2017
The first year of college brings many changes, and it can feel challenging to face this transition. Having these feelings is normal — in fact, the hundreds or thousands of other first year students at your college are likely experiencing them too. Don’t forget that there are lots of people around who are invested in helping you succeed, so be sure to reach out if things become too difficult. With a little bit of help and patience, you’ll soon become a confident college student. *** It’s not on
7 Things Every College Student Should Do To Succeed
04 August, 2017
To help you advance along your learning curve, here are seven practices you can do right now to make the most of any college course. *** When it comes to succeeding in college, there’s a lot of generic advice out there: Go to class, do the readings, study hard, and meet with your professors. Simple, right? No. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. While most students know the broad outlines of what a successful higher education experience looks like, few discover the day-to-day tips and