We’re fans of bilingualism and want you to be, too! Here are some ways to help your child learn and retain a second language.

6 Research-Backed Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language
15 December, 2017
When you’re learning a new language — in school, with a tutor [], or on your own — you’re (understandably) interested in the immediate consequences it will have on your life. Acquiring, practicing, and speaking a foreign language has important long-term benefits, too.  Here are six benefits from learning a foreign language, that are backed by solid scientific evidence. *** Travel. Work. Love. These are just three of the many reasons students cite for wanting to learn
Help Your Child Pick Which Foreign Language To Learn
12 December, 2017
Even though thinking about college may seem far away, certain majors require students to have extensive knowledge of foreign languages. Starting this pursuit during high school can make things considerably easier in the future. *** There was a time and place when, in order to be considered educated, one had to have studied Latin, Greek, English, and French. Today, students have more options and flexibility; but with greater choice comes greater uncertainty — your child may want or need guidan
Coding Should Not Replace Foreign Language Requirements
04 December, 2017
Allowing coding or even computer science to displace other forms of instruction belies its prominence in real-world commerce. *** In late 2013, the state of Texas passed legislation allowing some students to replace their high school foreign language requirements with computer science credits. In the years since, several other states have joined suit, debating changes to school curricula that would make Coding 101 a fair substitution for French, Latin, or Spanish. The benefits of learning to
Encouraging Bilingual Language Development In Early Childhood
21 August, 2017
Are you encouraging your child to be bilingual? There is a comparatively brief window of time which infants, no matter their backgrounds, can differentiate the sounds of all languages. After 10–12 months, children lose this ability and can only perceive and differentiate the sounds that they were exposed to before that time. *** In October of 2014, I remember logging onto Facebook and seeing dozens of posts about Mark Zuckerberg speaking Mandarin, seemingly out of nowhere. Even though this se