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On Short Notice, The GMAT Just Got Shorter
04 April, 2018
GMAC has announced [] a reduction in the number of questions in both the Quantitative an
Expert Tips For Getting Your Executive MBA
13 February, 2018
If you’re considering an Executive MBA, you are probably already busy with a variety of commitments. Learn key time and money hacks for fitting an EMBA into your life — and making the most out of your experience. *** Getting an Executive MBA (or EMBA) can change your life. It can jumpstart your career, facilitate a promotion, or ease a shift from one job (or even one career path) to another. But since EMBA candidates often pursue their degrees later in life than their MBA counterparts [https:
100 Ways To Improve Your GMAT Score
09 February, 2018
Noodle ProTom Miller []has been tutoring the GMAT since 1995, and is one of the first professional instructors to teach the GMAT online. As a tutor, he has written test materials, created curricula, and trained teachers to maximize success on a variety of standardized tests. A former international attorney, Tom also taught Business, Business Law, and English as a Second Language in northern Europe and in the Middle East. Suffice it to s
What Is The GMAT And How Do You Take It?
06 February, 2018
The GMAT [], or Graduate Management Admissions Test, is the most commonly taken test for admissions [] into MBA and other graduate Business programs. Test scores, work experience, and essays are the most important factors for admission [] into most MBA progr
Mistakes To Avoid In Your MBA Application
10 January, 2018
Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your MBA application, culled from the combined experiences of the expert former MBA admissions directors at Fortuna Admissions []. Make no mistake, an MBA Admissions Director has sharp instincts for discerning your confidence, commitment, or any hint of discrepancy across your business school application. Whether you’re putting the final polish on your MBA application, or just exploring the process, I want to bring your atte
Choosing A B-School: Assessing Your Profile
21 December, 2017
Drowning in Business school applications []? With so many MBA programs [] to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. To make next fall’s business school application process run more smoothly and efficiently, we recommend that you get started on generating a list of target schools now. With so many programs out there, it can be hard to narrow down your selection to
Picking An MBA Admissions Counsultant
15 December, 2017
Good admissions consultants can provide significant value. Many are former admissions officers to top MBA programs, professional writers, and/or professionals from your career of choice. Given this experience, they’re able to provide a variety of services including resume review, essay brainstorming and editing, interview prep, and more. But all that being said, do you really need one? *** Admissions consulting has grown considerably in popularity over the past 20 years; in fact, today, appr
An Intro To MBA Programs
05 December, 2017
You’ve probably heard that an advanced business degree delivers professional opportunities, higher earning potential, and prestige. What business students don’t mention is that the right school can also build your trade skills, expand your network, and make you a better manager. Regardless of your specialization, an MBA can help you climb almost any career ladder. Your success begins with the program you choose. Program Options Traditional A traditional, full-time MBA divides core curriculum
Green MBAs: Business Schools With A Focus On Sustainability
30 November, 2017
Once considered passing fads, environmental and social stewardship are now incorporated into the learning environment at most business schools. Historically, the business world has been slow to integrate social and environmental issues into its practices. In the last several years, however, companies (along with their MBA counterparts) have begun to realize the importance of addressing sustainability in their operations and coursework. The business community has begun to focus on fields such a
Moving For B-School: Do's And Dont's
13 November, 2017
We know that moving isn’t easy, especially when it involves starting a new academic career at a new school. We’ve got a few tips for you brand-spanking new B-school students starting the new year in a new locale. DON’T be afraid to throw stuff out. While you might think you can’t live without those grapefruit spoons and couldn’t bear to throw away all those old CD’s, you’re probably wrong. Throw away anything you don’t need, and if you can’t bear to part with it, rent a storage space. If you h
"He Is An Exceptional GMAT Tutor."
09 November, 2017
In 7 weeks I progressed from an initial test score of 570 to an actual test score of 710. This was in no small part due to Craig’s influence. *** Noodle Pro Craig Cartier []has been tutoring for over 15 years. An MBA student gives Craig credit for his score and acceptances to Cambridge and Oxford. “I would heartily recommend Craig as a tutor. Craig was my tutor for the GMAT [
An Easy-To-Follow Timeline For MBA Application Essays
01 November, 2017
Smartly investing and budgeting time is crucial to generating great b-school essays that will accurately represent your achievements, talents, goals, and potential contributions to the admissions committee. You’ll also need to balance the demands of your applications with your other standing commitments — work, family, community service, friends, and hobbies. The best way to do this effectively is to organize your application calendar and allot time months before your target deadlines. Here are