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Love Medicine But Less Sure About Med School? Check Out Six Alternative Careers
06 December, 2017
People go into medicine [] for a whole host of reasons — they like science, they crave variety, they want their work to make a difference in the field — but underlying all of these motives is a desire to help people. Still, you don’t need to become a doctor to put your altruism into practice, or to pursue your passion for, say, biology; there are, in fact, many related options. Here are six alternatives to consider that align with different interests, tempe
Putting Medical School Rankings In Perspective
15 November, 2017
Choosing your medical school is a very personal decision. As you create your own list of options, take a serious look at your professional goals before looking at any rankings. In fact, one useful strategy is to make your own “rankings list” by writing down the factors that matter most to you. *** Delayed gratification. Patience. These are the quintessential marks of doctors-to-be, who regularly forgo the fun and festivities often associated with college life. After all, the path to a medical
Is It Too Late To Go To Medical School? The Benefits (And Challenges) Of Being A Nontraditional Applicant
07 November, 2017
As a medical school admissions counselor [!medical-school-admissions/cwyr], one of the most common concerns I hear from older, nontraditional medical school applicants is the fear that their application will not be taken as seriously by medical schools as those of their younger counterparts who entered immediately after completing their undergraduate studies. This misperception could not be further from the truth. The Strengths of Nontraditional Applicants Seve
5 Myths About Med School Admissions Busted
26 September, 2017
If you’re applying to med school [] you’re one of the strong-stomached. Getting into medical school is no small feat, so don’t let these 5 myths trip you up. Myth #1: You have to be pre-med or a science major to get into medical school. Students are admitted into grad schools each year from all different majors. While majoring in science or going pre-med will often guarantee that you’ll have all your pre-reqs squared
3 Innovative Approaches To Medical Education
03 August, 2017
Increasingly, medical schools are designing and implementing different approaches to medical education in an effort to turn out well-rounded, compassionate doctors who are simultaneously team players and dedicated to holistic patient care. *** According to In-Training [], a site developed by students to describe about their medical school experiences, the American medical school curriculum has not seen significant change in decades. The majority of institutions across t