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10 Books To Help Your Child Cope With Difficult Issues
08 April, 2020
All children are bound to experience difficult events as they grow up: family members becoming ill or passing away; divorce or separation; moves that takes them away from the familiar comfort of home. In these moments of great sadness and struggle, parents and caregivers might wonder what can be done to ease children’s pain. When complex situations arise before children develop the ability to articulate their emotions, books can help them feel less alone and more at ease with feelings of anger,
5 Important Rules For Parents Choosing an After-School Program
17 September, 2019
After-school programs are a great way to keep students engaged and encourage their development outside of the classroom. With the number of programs available today, many parents may find it difficult to seek out the one that best fits their child’s needs. Here are a few factors for parents to keep in mind during their selection process. 1. Find a Low Faculty to Student Ratio A low adult to student ratio is an important characteristic for fostering meaningful relationships between a program’s
Back to School Organization: Elementary School
23 August, 2019
It’s almost time to go back to school! Whether your child cannot wait to walk through those school doors, or is clinging onto these last weeks of summer, it is time to get organized for the new school year. Lower elementary grade teachers may institute their own organizational tools: folders to send home, cubbies at school, school shoes, reading logs: but this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Good organizational skills need to be modeled and reinforced, so here’s how you can help: 1. One is
7 Books to Read to Your Child About Preschool
18 June, 2019
Preschool is right around the corner. The feelings of anxiety, loss of control, change, and fear can be overwhelming. Since school is an alien experience for your little one, prepping him with relevant books will reduce anxiety for you all. Here is a list of seven books to help your child transition into a new life as a young learner. “Spot Goes to School” []by Eric Hill As the parent of a child who is more than a year away from pr
Advocating for Your Gifted Child Within the Public School System
25 February, 2019
A parent is her child’s best advocate. Many times, as parents, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to speak up for our child, especially when she is too young to speak up for herself. Parents ofgifted children []are often in the uncomfortable position of advocating for their child when her unique learning needs are not being met at school. When we see that we have to address these educational concerns with our child’s teacher
A Strategy to Help Your Child Better Manage Her Time
19 February, 2019
As your child gets older, you probably notice that her commitment to school, sports, and extracurricular activities is growing, too. Middle and high school students generally have more homework than younger kids, and the number of practices for athletics, dance, music, hobbies and other activities increases as participants move to higher levels of achievement and skills. The Juggling Act of Taking on Too Much With so many competing responsibilities to juggle, the weight of all of the commitmen
New York Public Library's Weekend Programming
07 September, 2018
Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to spend your weekend doing something educational and helpful for your child? Visit the New York Public Library. Along with the well-programmed events throughout the year, we believe a visit to the library is always in your child’s best interest. As a professional tutor who works with children starting at age 4, parents often ask me how they can help enhance their children’s education. One of the simplest and best things you can do —  regardless of you
#AdmissionsPros: Joyce Szuflita On The Golden Age Of Urban Parenting
02 July, 2018
Welcome to#AdmissionsPros []! In this series, admissions advisors and educational consultants offer their advice and insight on the big picture of elementary, secondary, and graduate school admissions — from extracurriculars, to essays, to, (of course) standardized tests. As the founder of NYC School Help [], Joyce Szuflita helps Brooklyn-based parents of preschool through middle school-aged children, and paren
Your Life In Tests
08 March, 2018
If you’re currently in school (or the parent of someone who is), you know that standardized tests are a fact of life for academics of all ages. Many students will have taken half-a-dozen or more admissions exams by the time they reach their high school commencements — and that’s not counting Regents Exams, AP’s, and other school, district, or state-wide assessment tests. Here at Noodle Pros [], we pride ourselves on having helped students and families through just ab
Deciphering Jargon At The Parent-Teacher Conference
06 March, 2018
Teacher lingo can feel like a different language. Here’s a crash course in some vocabulary you might hear at your next parent-teacher conference. *** ‘Tis the season of the parent-teacher conference. Every couple of years, a new version of teacher-speak comes into play. Most educators will explain the terms they use, but here is a rundown of key words you might hear bandied about. Accommodations:This is typically used to describe changes made to instruction in order to insure inclusion of stu
Navigating Pre-K With The NIEER
28 February, 2018
Are you, as a parent, prepared to choose a pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) program? Take a look at the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) report [] to see where your state’s program ranks, and read on to see how NIEER’s targeted metrics help parents learn more about Pre-K programs. *** Prepared for Pre-K? No, I am not asking whether your toddler is spelling her own name or whether she is starting to potty-train. What I am ask
5 Ways To Help Your Child With Dyscalculia Master Math
23 February, 2018
If your child has dyscalculia, implement these five learning tips and tricks to help them overcome their struggle with numbers. “Dyscalculia” is another word for a math disorder. It can apply to difficulties with calculations, visuo-spatial tasks, memory for math concepts, formulae, or other math-related tasks. According to researchers, 6.5 percent of the school population [] in the United States has (Developmental) Dyscalculia, but many others have