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Our admissions experts share their insights on getting into and doing well at private day and boarding schools in the United States.

Navigating Pre-K With The NIEER
28 February, 2018
Are you, as a parent, prepared to choose a pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) program? Take a look at the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) report [] to see where your state’s program ranks, and read on to see how NIEER’s targeted metrics help parents learn more about Pre-K programs. *** Prepared for Pre-K? No, I am not asking whether your toddler is spelling her own name or whether she is starting to potty-train. What I am ask
Facing Rejection: Tips From A New York City Private School Advisor
18 December, 2017
Rejection in preschool and K-12 admissions may seem like an odd topic for someone who owns a large educational advisory firm. However, understanding rejection in the admissions process, starting with nursery school and going all the way to college, is essential for all parents and older students. Rejection is something that no one, least of all parents on behalf of their own children, likes to think about. We hate hearing “no.” But some top private kindergartens get 1,000 applications for 60 or
Thinking About Transferring Your Child To A Different School? Here’s What To Look For
11 December, 2017
Despite the thought and care put into school selection, it is possible to discover down the line that a child’s school is not meeting his or her educational needs. So how does a parent go about making a change? Parents should start by gauging pertinent factors of a school, to ensure that their child will receive a high quality education and will have the opportunity to grow socially. Parents ought to examine key areas such as the school’s quality of teachers, class sizes, parent-teacher relatio
Boarding High School: Is It Right For Your Teen?
05 December, 2017
Boarding schools are especially appealing to students who are self-starters and independent. Often, these kids have had successful sleep-away camp or summer travel experiences. For those who are uncertain of whether this option would be a good fit, many institutions offer summer programs to give prospective students a gentle introduction to the boarding school experience. *** By the time your child enters middle school, you may already be thinking about the next transition; but it’s entirely p
7 Essential Truths About Fundraising And Private School Admissions
30 October, 2017
If you’ve ever wondered what’s required of parents, here are answers to seven of the most common questions we hear on the topic of private school donations. *** The barrage of emails, mailings, and phone calls are familiar to all private preschool and K–12 parents. These solicitations are the inevitable donation requests that you’ll receive from schools your children have attended, currently attend, or plan to attend. You may wonder: After all you’re paying in tuition, why do they come back f
5 Reasons To Choose Boarding School
24 October, 2017
Living in a boarding school community is an education in itself. This can be just as valuable as classroom learning. [metaslider id=3124]
Tips For Private Preschool Admissions
16 October, 2017
As a learning process, applying to preschools was stressful. Also, it was madly time-consuming. What’s more, we’d soon be faced with our first yeas and nays for our little star munchkin. *** I first considered preschool when my daughter was six months old — friends of ours were surprised that we hadn’t thought about it even earlier. When we started actively applying 18 months later, we found the process overwhelming. Sure, I’d heard of the documentary “Nursery University” and the rumors of Man
The Parent Statement: What Not To Say
12 October, 2017
Much has been written about how to write a parent statement or essay for your child’s applications to private preschool or continuing K–12 schools, but little has been written on what not to write. For parents of preschoolers to students at older points of entry (and all the years in between), the finest example of admissions/application essay instructions can be found in the Common Application to U.S. colleges and universities. The Common App [
Private Preschool Admissions Tips: The Playdate-Child Interview
11 October, 2017
As a parent, it is terribly confusing to deduce what exactly school staff assesses during the playdate (if you look around, you mainly see toddlers licking LEGOs). Apparently, schools look for children who are social, polite, engaged, and who transition well from one activity to the next. *** While it’s true that some organizations offer tutoring services for the preschool interview, I’m really (really) not sure how or if they work. It’s difficult for me to believe that any amount of training
Public Or Private? The Right Way To Choose An NYC High School
11 October, 2017
To help you decide on the best choice for your family, there are some generalities to consider when comparing private versus public schools. *** While the notion of private school may conjure up images of elite, ivy-covered buildings and polished students in uniforms, the truth is there’s a lot of variety among New York City area private schools. Despite the range of NYC high school options, many families immediately dismiss the idea of applying to private schools, either for fear of going b
17 Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Private School
09 October, 2017
For many parents, one of the biggest decisions they make is where to send their children to school: public, private, or religious school. Having been a public and private school student and parent, I know first hand some of the benefits of independent education. (Disclaimer: there is a wide range of schools of all types, so your local options may vary.) If you are already considering writing those tuition checks, here are some of the positive qualities you can expect: 1. Small Class Size Look
Private Preschool Admissions Tips: The Parent Interview
09 October, 2017
The private preschool parent interview has a lot in common with a job interview — except, of course, that your performance will affect the educational options open to your little pumpkin. So, how should you get ready? Well, just as you would for a job interview. Know the Preschool’s Values As with the written application, be sure you know something about the school’s philosophy so you can convey — hopefully, honestly — your interest and commitment to being part of that particular community. T