Issue 18: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
26 September, 2019
Welcome back! This week’s issue is just like a good answer on the ACT English or SAT Writing & Language—short and sweet. First up, a pair of English questions inspired by the ACT and a Math question you might see on the SAT. [quiz-cat id=”7177″]
College Visit Questions to Get Beyond the Brochure
11 September, 2019
If you want to make yourcollege visit []worth the time and expense, you need to keep your eyes wide open — and your mouth, too, even in ways that may seem embarrassing. What are the best college visit questions? You have little time to learn a lot— so spy, ask, and excavate. Perhaps you don’t want to riskasking the tough questions [] , but, if you are lucky enough to tr
Issue 17: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
06 September, 2019
Welcome to the Back to School Special Edition of Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler? To reflect the scholarly theme of fall, this week’s issue flips the script: Instead of getting the standard disclaimer that no rules or formulas are needed to solve, you’ll learn a few rules first and then test yourself on two Math questions, both inspired by problems on a recent ACT. Integers: All (real) numbers except for fractions and decimals. Factors: Numbers you multiply together to get another numb
Issue 16: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
26 August, 2019
As the last few weeks of summer approach and Labor Day looms on the horizon, thoughts turn from sunscreen and bug spray to school supplies and scheduling conflicts. Wasn’t Memorial Day just yesterday? If there is ever a week to have “summer brain,” this is it. Therefore, this week’s issue features two Math questions that may not be softballs but aren’t the hardest anyone would ever see on the SAT or ACT. The standard Math disclaimer applies: you don’t need to know any specific formulas to solv
Back to School Organization: Elementary School
23 August, 2019
It’s almost time to go back to school! Whether your child cannot wait to walk through those school doors, or is clinging onto these last weeks of summer, it is time to get organized for the new school year. Lower elementary grade teachers may institute their own organizational tools: folders to send home, cubbies at school, school shoes, reading logs: but this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Good organizational skills need to be modeled and reinforced, so here’s how you can help: 1. One is
5 Things You Should be Doing the Week Before the Big Test
23 August, 2019
You spend months preparing for the SAT or ACT. You take endless practice tests, expand your vocabulary, brush up on your math, and generally pour countless hours (often in a class or with a tutor) into getting ready for the test. With all that time and energy spent, you want to do everything you can the week before the test to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders on the big day. So here’s a list of things you can do the week before the test to make sure you’re ready to go as test day approa
3 Ways to Find Great Colleges for You Without Using Rankings
15 August, 2019
Numbers sometimes lie (and people sometimes lie about numbers). More importantly, numbers don’t tell the whole story. When you’relooking at colleges [], you’ll want to make judicious use of the available numbers — and then look beyond them to uncover information about what life at a school isreallylike. What the Numbers CAN Tell You Paying attention tocertain numbers []when engaging in the college search makes sense. Yo
Issue 15: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
09 August, 2019
It’s August and it doesn’t seem right to be thinking about school and the fall. But even the symphony of the late-summer cicadas can’t seem to drown out the shrill ads for back to school sales, and in some parts of the country, school begins as early as this week. Other parts of the country won’t start until after Labor Day, which seems fair since those same students got out only shortly before the Fourth of July. Regardless of what defines your summer break, it’s always a good time to do some
Issue 12: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler
24 June, 2019
Happy Friday! This week’s edition features two questions based on the ACT, which many high schoolers took earlier this month and just got scores back. There are 75 English questions and 60 Math questions on the actual ACT, but hey, if you can get these two problems right, you get to claim a perfect score! Standard reminders and disclaimers: On either the ACT English or SAT Writing, most questions lack an actual question and instead just feature an underlined portion and three other options. You
Issue 10: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
24 May, 2019
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! The end of the school year is nigh, but there’s no reason not to keep trying your hand at sample problems from the SAT and ACT all summer. So before you put those burgers on the grill, work on these two questions that could appear on the ACT. Standard reminders and disclaimers: on either ACT English or SAT Writing, most questions lack an actual question and instead include just an underlined portion and three other options. You have to determine whether the underline
Issue 4: Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler?
12 April, 2019
Welcome back to another edition of Are You Smarter Than Your High Schooler, a weekly chance for parents to feel like a teenager again without having to post on Snapchat or play Fortnite. In this week’s issue, three questions that resemble what high schoolers could see on this week’s ACT. Standard disclaimer: no specific rule or formula is needed to solve the Math question, calculators are allowed, you need only fix the two English questions but not name the errors, and none of the three quest
SAT History Subject Test
10 April, 2019
Series Overview Welcome to the third post in our SAT Subject Test series. Previous posts in the series can be found below: SAT Literature Subject Test [] SAT Physics Subject Test [] In this post, we will cover the SAT History Subject Test. Specs * 60 minutes * 90 questions * Covers American history from prehistory to the present * Pre-Columbia