Ways to ace the ISEE and SSAT, and thrive in selective private day and boarding schools.

4 Tips to Ease Test Anxiety
08 September, 2020
Test anxiety is a type of performance anxiety. It can affect us at any age, but children in elementary school are especially likely to be anxious about test-taking. Many students experience negative thoughts and fear of failure associated with test-taking. Here are 4 tips to help ease test anxiety.
Back to School Organization: Elementary School
23 August, 2019
It’s almost time to go back to school! Whether your child cannot wait to walk through those school doors, or is clinging onto these last weeks of summer, it is time to get organized for the new school year. Lower elementary grade teachers may institute their own organizational tools: folders to send home, cubbies at school, school shoes, reading logs: but this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Good organizational skills need to be modeled and reinforced, so here’s how you can help: 1. One is
5 Things You Should be Doing the Week Before the Big Test
23 August, 2019
You spend months preparing for the SAT or ACT. You take endless practice tests, expand your vocabulary, brush up on your math, and generally pour countless hours (often in a class or with a tutor) into getting ready for the test. With all that time and energy spent, you want to do everything you can the week before the test to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders on the big day. So here’s a list of things you can do the week before the test to make sure you’re ready to go as test day approa
How To Tutor With Integrity When Not Everyone Does
14 March, 2019
Dear Friends of Noodle Pros, There are two truths about high-quality test prep that, when combined, add up to a very real economic advantage for those who can afford it: 1. It works. We are very good at what we do, quite possibly the best in the business. We raise scores, more than most and faster than any other outfit I have seen in the business. 2. It costs money. Our tutors are highly experienced professionals. Many are dedicated full-time to the profession of tutoring. Mo
Advocating for Your Gifted Child Within the Public School System
25 February, 2019
A parent is her child’s best advocate. Many times, as parents, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to speak up for our child, especially when she is too young to speak up for herself. Parents ofgifted children []are often in the uncomfortable position of advocating for their child when her unique learning needs are not being met at school. When we see that we have to address these educational concerns with our child’s teacher
A Strategy to Help Your Child Better Manage Her Time
19 February, 2019
As your child gets older, you probably notice that her commitment to school, sports, and extracurricular activities is growing, too. Middle and high school students generally have more homework than younger kids, and the number of practices for athletics, dance, music, hobbies and other activities increases as participants move to higher levels of achievement and skills. The Juggling Act of Taking on Too Much With so many competing responsibilities to juggle, the weight of all of the commitmen
Upcoming April Webinars: SSAT/ISEE For Parents And GRE 101
18 April, 2018
If you’re a parent of a K-8 student, or a college graduate looking to expand your career options, Noodle Pros has you covered. Join us in the month for April for ISEE/SSAT: What Parents Need To Know [] and GRE 101 [], both free webinars hosted by in-demand Noodle Pros tutors. Can’t make the time? No problem. Recordings of Noodle Pros webinars are sent out to all RSVPs after sessions have concluded. ---------------
Your Life In Tests
08 March, 2018
If you’re currently in school (or the parent of someone who is), you know that standardized tests are a fact of life for academics of all ages. Many students will have taken half-a-dozen or more admissions exams by the time they reach their high school commencements — and that’s not counting Regents Exams, AP’s, and other school, district, or state-wide assessment tests. Here at Noodle Pros [], we pride ourselves on having helped students and families through just ab
Boarding High School: Is It Right For Your Teen?
05 December, 2017
Boarding schools are especially appealing to students who are self-starters and independent. Often, these kids have had successful sleep-away camp or summer travel experiences. For those who are uncertain of whether this option would be a good fit, many institutions offer summer programs to give prospective students a gentle introduction to the boarding school experience. *** By the time your child enters middle school, you may already be thinking about the next transition; but it’s entirely p
"I'm So Glad We Did Online Tutoring."
23 November, 2017
Noodle ProLoren Dunn []has been tutoring for 10 years. One parent credits Loren’s help with her son’s acceptance into Windward. “I called Lorentonightto tell him that our son was accepted at Windward, and the silver lining is that he doesn’t have to do any more applications nor take the ISEE! Our daughter is going to keep studying with Loren. I had a hard time imagining what it would be like for Loren to work long distance, over Skype
Private High School Entrance Exams: SSAT, ISEE, And HSTP
12 September, 2017
Most people are well aware of the important role the SAT and ACT play in the college admissions process. What many people do not realize, however, is that to gain entry to select elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as to some Catholic and boarding schools, there is another set of rigorous and competitive assessment tests that are a crucial part of a student’s application to these institutions. *** Getting into selective programs requires serious commitment from students. Applicants m
"She Quickly Understood Each Child And Adapted To Them."
24 August, 2017
I could not imagine a better resource for my kids and heartily recommend her. *** Noodle Pro Kalen Lister []has been tutoring for 12 years. Kalen spent time helping two 8th grade siblings. “Kalen spent time with my twin 8th graders helping them prepare for public HS applications, specifically with the essays and helping them prepare for the interview process. My two kids could not be more different and she quickly understood each ch