Ways to ace the ISEE and SSAT, and thrive in selective private day and boarding schools.

"My Daughter's Scores Improved Immensely"
13 July, 2017
When she found out that our daughter had dyslexia, she went out and bought (with her own money) and read a book on the subject to see how best to help our daughter. *** Noodle Pro Kelly Clement []has been tutoring for 8 years. She helped a student gain confidence and enjoy school. “Kelly Clement was stellar! I would absolutely hire her again, but as it happens, kids grow up. When she found out that our daughter had dyslexia, she wen
"He Has A Natural Ability To Work With Students."
01 June, 2017
Jonathan did an excellent job working with him on the vocabulary questions and how to approach essays when asked from a US perspective/about the US. *** Noodle Pro Jonathan Tannenbaum []helped a family’s son get into the schools he wanted with confidence. Jonathan was my son’s tutor in 2013 for the ISEE — he was in 5th grade. Jonathan worked with him for a period of probably 4 months. We were expats for the majority of my son’s upbr
How To Improve Your SSAT Verbal Score
24 May, 2017
Eight Noodle Pros give advice on how to improve your SSAT Verbal score: 1. Make learning vocabulary a family competition.Pick two to five words a day and keep track of who in the family uses the words correctly the most. Players get extra credit for using two or more words in one sentence. The more students can hear words in context, the better they will be able to remember the meaning. Let your child choose the prize for the week’s winner. To improve reading skills, have c
How To Improve Your SSAT Quantitative Score
16 May, 2017
Four Noodle Pros give advice on how to improve your SSAT Quantitative score: 1. Write out your math as thoroughly and as clearly as you can. Even when you can do much of the calculation in your head, it helps a lot to have your step-by-step thinking on paper in front of you. Many times when you get lost or stuck, you can look at what you have written and find your way out of a jam. You can also find and fix the errors in your thinking or your calculation more quickly and mor
"They Have Learned More From Kate Than They Did In All Their Years Of Schooling."
18 March, 2017
I can honestly say that both of my children have learned more from Kate than they did in all their years of schooling. *** Noodle Pro Kate Fisher [] worked with two siblings on the ISEE, SSAT, and SHSAT. Here is what the family had to say: “Last spring, Kate Fisher was recommended to us after I mentioned to a friend that we were not making much progress with our current tutor, who was working with my 13-year-old daughter to prepare for the ISEE exam in the fall. My daught