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6 Tips to Set Up Your Micro-School for Success
26 August, 2020
Teacher or tutor-led micro-schools, which typically consist of groups of four to six students in the same grade, are an innovative response to addressing the shortcomings and lack of students’ social connection in school-district provided online education.
10 Ways to Prepare for Remote Learning This Fall
14 August, 2020
Remote learning, as most of you have already determined, presents unique challenges. It can be hard to pay attention.  Teachers may find the technology difficult to navigate.  Classes will get canceled last minute.  Office hours may be eliminated. I think we can all agree that the limits of the coronavirus /COVID-19 pandemic will place on campus life will make college, well, less fun. I sympathize. But if you’re going to college this Fall, you’ll need to deal with these unfortunate events, r
3 Tips to Help You Memorize Anything
10 August, 2020
You’ve probably had that stressful feeling before: you’ve got to memorize what feels like hundreds of dates, spellings, chemical equations or types of bones, and you have no idea how you’ll ever commit all those facts to memory. But you will.
Why Colleges Rescind Admissions Offers
14 January, 2020
Sometimes, getting an acceptance letter isn’t the end of a college admissions story. It’s important that students temper the celebrations that may begin with that thick envelope (or joyous email). Colleges observe their future students until the first day of freshman classes, and reserve the right to rescind an admissions offer in certain situations. In the most recent report on revoked college acceptances, which was released back in 2009 by theNational Association of College Admission Counsel
Balancing Homework and After-School Sports
06 January, 2020
Most afternoons my children come home from school with their backpacks loaded with homework assignments. They both play multiple sports, and it’s always an ongoing struggle to find a way to balance homework and after-school sports before bedtime. More often than not, it’s a losing battle. As a result, the kids are up late into the night, trying to finish those last math equations or study their spelling words. In the morning they wake up tired, only to start the cycle all over again. Many Kids
Four Things Students Should Do If They Are Deferred From Their Dream University
13 December, 2019
College admissions early decisions are starting to come out, and some students might get an unexpected answer back: a deferral. A deferral is similar to the limbo of college admissions—you aren’t quite into the university, but you aren’t rejected yet either. When the university defers you, it means that the school sees potential in your application, but the admissions officers want to evaluate your application again during the regular decision cycle. If you do get deferred, here are four steps
An Internship Gets You Out of the Back Row
25 September, 2019
Are you a back-row student? That is, whenever possible, do you self-select to sit in the back row in class? Are you tempted to check your emails, texts, Facebook, and Instagram messages during class? If you often find yourself in the back row of classes and are more comfortable flying under the radar, learn how an internship can help you develop the skills you need to push yourself forward in your career. Are you happy to sit in a back seat and “keep your head down,” do your work, answer questi
College Visit Questions to Get Beyond the Brochure
11 September, 2019
If you want to make yourcollege visit []worth the time and expense, you need to keep your eyes wide open — and your mouth, too, even in ways that may seem embarrassing. What are the best college visit questions? You have little time to learn a lot— so spy, ask, and excavate. Perhaps you don’t want to riskasking the tough questions [] , but, if you are lucky enough to tr
10 Mnemonic Devices That Every Elementary Schooler Will Remember
28 August, 2019
Simply put, mnemonic strategies are ways to remember things. Want to give your youngster some fun ways to commit lesson content to memory in theelementary grades []? She’ll enjoy learning these ten tricks spanning several subjects: Geography * If you think about the structures that are near them, you’ll have a nifty clue to the names of the Great Lakes: Use the word HOMES, which stands for Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. * He
Back to School Organization: Elementary School
23 August, 2019
It’s almost time to go back to school! Whether your child cannot wait to walk through those school doors, or is clinging onto these last weeks of summer, it is time to get organized for the new school year. Lower elementary grade teachers may institute their own organizational tools: folders to send home, cubbies at school, school shoes, reading logs: but this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Good organizational skills need to be modeled and reinforced, so here’s how you can help: 1. One is
3 Ways to Find Great Colleges for You Without Using Rankings
15 August, 2019
Numbers sometimes lie (and people sometimes lie about numbers). More importantly, numbers don’t tell the whole story. When you’relooking at colleges [], you’ll want to make judicious use of the available numbers — and then look beyond them to uncover information about what life at a school isreallylike. What the Numbers CAN Tell You Paying attention tocertain numbers []when engaging in the college search makes sense. Yo
Your Kids Will Love Doing Math This Summer (If You Do Too)
13 August, 2019
In summertime, the living is easy, but making sure your children don’t forget all themath []they learned in the past school year is hard. Still, just as you work to keep them interested in reading by having books around the house, you can keep them interested in numbers by helping them see the math that’s all around them — and how they, and you, use it every day. Here are a few tips to do just that. I cannot guarantee zero resistance, but I’ve seen lots of fam