School is out for summer, but the learning goes on! We offer plenty of guidance on how to continue your education outside of the classroom.

How To Find Great Summer Activities For Your Gifted Child
19 June, 2017
Even though summer camps often state that they have programs for high-ability or gifted children, their offerings may not meet your child’s interests or needs. Without the right combination of interest and stimulation, gifted children can quickly find themselves bored. *** School’s out, and you still haven’t found a summer activity to keep your gifted child engaged in the coming months. Finding something that will meet your child’s need for enrichment isn’t as straightforward as registering her
How To Help Your College Applications The Summer Before Your Senior Year
16 June, 2017
This summer is your time to prepare for the application and interview process, during which you will likely be asked the age-old question, “How did you spend your summer?” *** The summer before senior year of high school marks the home stretch in the college admissions process. By this time, you have researched schools and narrowed down your list of where to apply. This summer is your time to prepare for the application and interview process, during which you will likely be asked the age-old qu
5 Books That Will Inspire Your High Schooler Before College
14 June, 2017
As recent graduates begin to look ahead to college, many will wonder what kinds of experiences lie in front of them. Some may even seek advice from great authors. If you’re looking for those off-the-beaten-path books for a teen who will soon embark on this important step towards independence, check out these five recommendations. 1. A Crash Course in Culture The Last Samurai [] by Helen DeWitt Not to be confused with the Tom Cruise movie by
How To Prevent The Summer Slide
09 June, 2017
Whether you call it the “summer slide” or “brain drain,” there’s no question that summer vacation can cause students to lose the skills they learned during the school year. Students lose about 3 months worth of math and reading skills, which has led some schools to institute a year-round teaching schedule. But the good news is that it can be prevented. Check out this infographic for more ideas on how to prevent the your child from the heading down the summer slide!
Why Your Child Should Get A Job This Summer
23 May, 2017
Work experience looks great on a college or scholarship application. It demonstrates time management and responsibility if a student is able to work, maintain his or her grades and stay involved in other activities. The work experience section of an application allows reviewers to gain a better understanding of how a student spent his or her time in high school. What type of work can be included? When filling out this section, keep in mind that only legitimate jobs should be included. Do not l