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Now that school’s out, Schoodle’s in. We are offering fun and exciting summer enrichment courses for learners of all ages. Students will meet with educators, in small groups (5-6 learners) to take part in an exciting course that aligns with their interests and curiosities.

The learning and academics flourish in the form of play, movement, and investigation, and students will gain skills that will help them to grow and succeed. Schoodle is virtually the best way for your child to embrace the “new” wave of the learning experience.

Young learners gather so much information and skill from play. During this course, your child will explore both visually and hands-on and gain the ability to express their findings and build confidence in themselves.

Stories and math can go hand in hand. During this course, your child will explore early literacy skills and math skills that will get them excited about learning even while they are “on summer vacation.”

Students will explore graphic novels and find that they are just as informative and interesting to read as other types of literature. Students will also have the opportunity to think about the different components of a graphic novel.

At beSati, we empower kids to use positive self-talk to be the best they can be! We guide children to tune in to how they’re feeling, and choose the thoughts, words and actions to be their best selves through quick feelings check-in, calming breathing exercises, and more.

During this course, your child will use Scratch as their “coding language.” Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world.

Story Time Sing Along is a wonderful way for children to sing, dance, and develop their early reading skills. This fun and engaging class will provide a performance opportunity for your child. Children will enjoy listening to stories and learning about the history of storytelling.

Students will have a chance to explore different habitats around the world and how weather impacts the planet. Students will have the opportunity to take photos and share them with their fellow students throughout the summer.

In this course, we will use creative movement and storytelling to become more resilient in our minds and more confident in our bodies. Our primary tools? Silliness and empathy. On the stages of your living rooms, let’s explore together how performing can help us be our best selves!

Some of the best ideas and discoveries emerge while creating, moving our bodies, and having fun with others. Uncover some of the wonders of math and expand what you already know by coloring, cutting shapes, and drawing in mathematical ways!

Our STEAM summer course provides an environment in which our lessons go beyond the curriculum. Students will become critical thinkers, actiontakers, and global citizens through real-world scenarios and performance tasks that they have learned throughout the school year!

Do you want to learn how to write like a news reporter? Would you like to see the world through the lens of a journalist? Then this is the right class for you. During this class you will look at different ways a journalist approaches information to share with a large audience.

This course will focus on writing science fiction short stories. Back to the Future, Star Wars, and Star Trek all started as short stories. Will your child be the author of the next big hit?

Learn the basics of improv comedy with a small group of students. “Yes, and…” is the common phrase used in an improv scenario. Students build off of a topic in a comedic or satirical way. At the end of this class, a zoom performance will take place for families to enjoy.

Learn how to write, record, and edit a podcast. News is intriguing when it’s placed right into your ears, but podcasts can be more than news. Your child will learn the “ins and outs” of podcasting from how to come up with an idea to using their voices to record and share their thoughts with others.

In this course, we will perform scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and discover what his language means to us today. Thou wilt get shooketh.

Students will learn about the chemistry behind the changes our foods undergo when we prepare them. What causes bread to rise and meat to brown? What turns milk into cheese? And, of course, they will cook and otherwise prepare delicious foods!

Students will develop and write a story together, with a focus on understanding effective story structures, what grabs a reader's attention, and how to develop engaging characters, scenes, and dialogue.

Students will become familiar with the format of screenplays and some basic techniques to writing for the screen, including important differences in the ways stories are told for the screen versus in written stories or in plays.

During this course, students will review scenes and monologues, with an emphasis on approaches to acting that are taught in professional training programs and practiced in professional settings.

During this course you will learn the specifics of journalism and what it takes to capture a moment with words. You will learn about all aspects of journalism such as writing copy for a current event, the art of caption writing, and how to publish pieces that share information with others.

During this course your child will explore theatrical storytelling and build confidence when speaking/performing in front of others. From working on movement and using props during performance to exploring scene work-- the young actor in your child will shine.