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“I had a hard time imagining what it would be like for our tutor to work long distance, remote, with an 11-year old, and I’m so glad that I tried it."

Noodle Pros Parent

“In 7 weeks working with my Noodle Pro I progressed from an initial test score of 570 to an actual test score of 710. This was in no small part due to my tutor's influence. He was always available to help with queries by phone, text, and email – his support extended far beyond the tutorials themselves."

Noodle Pros Client

"My son's tutor has a tremendous capacity to understand and impart the knowledge, but more importantly, he truly takes the time to understand how the kids learn and to speak to them in that language."

Noodle Pros Client

"The approach taken by my son's tutor helped him increase his scores in ALL of the ACT sections. My son was able to determine my son’s weaknesses and crafted personalized sessions to help strengthen his reading skills. He helped review the content material of the STEM sections and he helped increase my son’s reading speed, but most importantly he gave my son the confidence to overcome his fear of standardized tests. My son was accepted to 9 engineering programs – __all ranked within the top 20 for Mechanical Engineering."

Noodle Pros Client

“My Daughter Always Ended Her Sessions Feeling Relieved And Positive About Her Progress.”

Noodle Pros Client