Travis Chamberlain

San Clemente, CA

15 Years Tutoring

Helping OC and SD Students Reach Their Potentials Since 2002


Travis is accustomed to reaching summits; he earned an MSc with distinction from the London School of Economics and is now a PhD candidate in his final year studying philosophy of economics at UCSD. For 15 years (over 10,000 hours) Travis has worked as a professional test prep consultant and performance coach. He has been an elite tutor in Orange County since 2009 and a full time test prep instructor since 2002. Travis specializes in working with students who have plateaued. Total improvements of more than 500 points on the old SAT and nine points on the ACT, as well as numerous seven point ACT improvements in under two months are a testament to his tutoring acumen. Travis' students have matriculated at the usual cast of ivies such as Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Chicago, Georgetown, Northwestern, Brown, and other colleges including all the UCs, Michigan, Boston, Vanderbilt, Haverford, Amherst, etc. Travis leads by doing tests in tandem with his students. As an extra motivational tool, he has for years taken actual tests alongside his students, and now has accumulated seven perfect scores. The result of this extra effort is a dynamic working understanding of the SAT, ACT, GRE, SSAT and ISEE. As a PhD-level academic, Travis can diagnose a student’s needs on the fly and provide custom assignments using prep materials from any company. Every tutoring session he creates notes that are iteratively reviewed with students to build a custom narrative for the tutorial. An avid surfer, paddleboarder, runner, and parent, Travis enjoys interfacing with and learning from the diverse lifestyles and philosophies of his students. As a result of his experience tutoring hundreds of Southern California students from all walks of life, Travis has a multifaceted psychological understanding of standardized tests. He works with test anxiety, time management, executive function, ADHD or ADD, and other more subtle aspects of test taking. As Travis sees it, improvement is the result of the proper blend of four components: CONSISTENCY (in terms of practice) REFLECTION (seeking the reasons why answers are missed and how the section or test felt) COLLABORATION (psychologically-safe, mutually-respectful dialogue) SELF-AWARENESS (understanding how mental and emotional states, as well as fatigue, can affect the test taking experience) In every way, Travis remains committed to helping students reach their potentials. References available on request. Academic and online rates vary. REFERENCES "The time, dedication and support Travis provided to our children was endless. Words cannot express the appreciation, respect and admiration we have for him." - Jilly R. Sage Hill Parent "Travis was a fabulous tutor for my children! He worked with all of them. They all excelled working with him and achieved great results and are able to gain entrance to very selective universities." - Vicki F. CDM Parent "Travis worked one on one with my son in preparation for the ACT exam. Not only did they work out a great schedule, but they worked efficiently and hit the target goal right on. Throughout the entire process Travis kept my son motivated, but most importantly my son was very happy and never complained. Travis has a special demeanor and can connect with all personality types and ages in any setting. He is the best tutor we have come across and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else in the future." - Nina B. University High School, Irvine Parent "There is no way I would have been as successful on the ACT without Travis. After three previous attempts with the test, his expertise not only helped increase my score to above my original goal, but also helped me regain confidence. He is thorough and methodical without being overwhelming--if anything, he helped me regain a sense of calm as I was studying for and taking the test. He is simply one-of-a-kind!" - Brittany P. Woodbridge Student "Travis tutored me for about two years in my latter half of high school. He provided me all the necessary tools to score extremely high on the SAT and subject tests. He cares so much about his students and their success and goals in life. I'm currently at the college of my dreams, University of Southern California, and without Travis' constant mentoring I am unsure if I would have been given this opportunity. I cannot think of someone more highly recommended in my community to not only tutor kids but also guide them through the trials of growing up than Travis." - Sophie R. Sage Hill, USC student "Travis is an extraordinary tutor. He is very smart, knows the subject matter and knows how to teach others. He is very patient, very generous with his time and he cares about his students. Hiring Travis was the best decision I made for my daughter's success and I recommend hims to others without reservation. Great guy and a great resource to make available to your kids!" - Rob W. Dana Hills Parent Many further references available on request.







London School of Economics

Master of Science,

Philosophy and Public Policy with Distinction


Palos Verdes Peninsula High School




UC Irvine

Bachelor of Arts,

Economics and Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude


UC San Diego

Doctor of Philosophy,

Philosophy of Economics


Type of Tutoring



Previous Standardized Test Scores

GRE: 170 (M) 167 (V) 6 (Essay), SAT: 2400 x2, ACT: 36 x5

Best Student Improvements

Multiple 450+ point improvemnts (old SAT 2400 format); Multiple 9 point ACT improvements (4-6 months); Multiple 7 point ACT improvements (1-3 months); Multiple students with 35's on the ACT; Multiple students with 2350+ on the old SAT (one perfect score); Multiple students with 1500+ on the new SAT; Multiple students with perfect Math II Subject Test Scores.