Richard Jay

New York, NY

25 Years Tutoring

25+ Year Veteran Tutor


"Richard actually made preparing for the SAT fun for my son Alex. He instinctively knew how to help Alex capitalize on his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. Alex only had to take the test once to get a much-better-than-expected score. He was so relieved. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough!" --- Nikki, NYC "My daughter worked with Richard for both the SHSAT, and the SAT. She always really enjoy working with him. He is very patient and thorough, and helped her get the scores she needed to get into the specialized high school and college of her choice. --- Sharmella, NYC Upon graduating NYU in 1993 with a degree in Economics, I trained to teach the SAT with The Princeton Review, earning the honor of National Teacher of the Year in 2005. Over the past 25+ years, I've taught dozens of subjects with hundreds of students. Some just needed a quick boot camp before the big test. Others have made me (almost) part of the family, working with me year after year, test after test. I truly enjoy teaching, particularly one-on-one. I love seeing the look of "aha" when something finally clicks, and my genuine enthusiasm wins over even the most reluctant of students. In a parallel life, I compose music for film and television, practice yoga, meditation and Qi gong, and live on the upper-west side with my wife and two wonderful daughters. "One more thing I found wonderful about Richard is his demeanor. He is kind and not pushy. The work he gave my daughter to do was both reasonable and focused. She always looked forward to her sessions with him. I have personally recommended him to other friends who I know were just as happy as I was." --- Barrie, NYC



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