Lauren Akamine

Pflugerville, TX

10 Years Tutoring

Austin's leading test-prep tutor and game store owner


Lauren is a native New Yorker still working towards becoming a full-fledged Texan. She attended St. John's University in Queens on a full academic scholarship and earned her B.A. in Philosophy in 2007. As a pre-medical student, she earned an additional 50 credits of advanced math and science. After graduating, she moved to Austin to attend UT for graduate studies in Linguistics. She gradually shifted her studied towards Mathematics and Logic, but purely for personal academic gain. Starting in college, Lauren began working for a national test-prep company as an SAT/ACT teacher. Within two years, she mastered the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT and began tutoring full-time. Her knowledge of standardized tests and college admissions qualified her to take a position as a corporate trainer and professional development trainer. For three years, Lauren traveled the country to train new teachers and tutors. She also traveled to low-performing districts and designed programs to increase their matriculation rates. She has been an editor and contributor for a number of test-preparation books and has created training models that were standardized and duplicated nationwide. Lauren has almost 10 years of tutoring and teaching experience from a wide range of students of varying score ranges, learning disabilities, cultural and language barriers. In 2014, a golden opportunity landed in Lauren's lap: the local gaming store that she frequented to play Magic: The Gathering was available for sale. She purchased Mothership Books and Games under her own LLC and has been the owner and operator for the past two years. She runs over 20 different micro-communities of gamers and other flavors of "nerd." Due to Lauren's already packed schedule, make sure to book her early!



AP Biology,

AP Calculus AB,

AP Calculus BC,






SAT Subject Test Biology E/M,

SAT Subject Test Math 1,

SAT Subject Test Math 2,