Marty Cinke

Castro Valley, CA

15 Years Tutoring

The Bay Area's Best


Martin Cinke’s deep professional, personal, and tutoring experience make him a standout tutor in the always competitive Bay Area market. He tutors a wide variety of subjects, and his flexible, friendly, and no-nonsense approach has pleased hundred of students of all ages for well over a decade now. Marty first got into tutoring back in 2004, when he was working at a Mountain View startup that felt like it might not last forever. He saw a want ad for GMAT teachers and, having done very well on that test to get into an MBA program, thought, this can’t be too hard. It turned out that instead of making some extra money, he had stumbled on a passion: he loved explaining concepts and techniques to others, then watching their eyes light up when they suddenly understood. Since that time, he has been a star teacher and tutor at a large national test prep company, quickly moving up to the top echelon and even being named 2014 Tutor of the Year. He has also trained new teachers, written training and instructional materials, and been the go-to presenter for high-profile marketing events. Along the way, Marty has co-founded and scaled a tech startup, written or co-written several scientific publications, been a nanotech scientist, and supervised the production staff in a small laser manufacturing company. His diverse experience gives him the suppleness of mind that allows him to craft an efficient, targeted program for any student of any age, background, and style of learning. When he’s not tutoring, Marty likes to play basketball, tennis, and poker. He also enjoys watching ice hockey and football, especially when his beloved Blackhawks and Bears are playing. He loves to try out new foods and to explore new restaurants anywhere he can find them.








SAT Subject Test Math 1,

SAT Subject Test Math 2,



Santa Clara University

Master of Business Administration,

Marketing Management and Finance

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Bachelor of Science,

Electrical Engineering

Languages Spoken

Czech (fluent),

English (native)

Type of Tutoring




Small Groups

Tutoring Age Groups

All Ages