Dr. Joe Hughey

Kingston, NY

12 Years Tutoring

Ph.D. Scientist, Teacher, and Target Tutor for SAT, ACT, Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.


"Dr. Joe" Hughey is an extraordinarily qualified, deeply experienced, and uncommonly empathetic tutor who brings to every student an impressive record of published scientific research, college teaching and coaching, and the kind of Southern charm that makes each lesson fun and memorable. He is the Hudson Valley’s premier provider of customized private lessons in a wide range of subjects at nearly every level and to students of all ages. With over twenty years of academic experience as a teacher and a tutor, Joe has developed the skills and tools that enable him to diagnose and target all learning issues. He strongly believes that academic success depends more on diligence, self confidence, and timely tutoring than it does on aptitude. With his timely and expert help, his students achieve more than they thought possible. Joe specializes in science and math tests, including the AP’s in Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Statistics. He also tutors all Science and Math for the SAT Subject Tests and the NYSED Regents Exams. For the SAT and the ACT exams, he tutors all sections: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Essay. For his younger students, all sections of the UL SSAT and UL ISEE are covered. When tutoring for a standardized test, Joe gives an initial diagnostic test to determine his student’s strengths and weaknesses, creates an ongoing lesson plan to target deficiencies, evaluates post-session homework, and shares weekly progress reports with parents. Joe always supplements content knowledge with test-taking pointers about question formats, wrong-answer traps, mental math, top-down analysis, virtual focus, score optimization, time efficiency, and test-taking stamina. Joe’s academic qualifications are beyond reproach: he has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a M.S. in Computer Science, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, along with a B.S. in Chemistry from Georgia Tech. In his 20+ year college faculty career, he has taught General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Technical Writing, Science Seminar, Computer Science, and Statistics to over two thousand students at Ohio State, UNC at Chapel Hill, Rutgers University, Gardner-Webb University, and Columbia-Greene Community College. As a scientist, Joe is a member of Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Research Society and an Emeritus member of the American Chemical Society. In addition to publishing his Ph.D. Research Dissertation in Photochemistry, Joe has co-authored eleven peer-reviewed research publications in scientific journals, including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Joe grew up in the country, many miles southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from Georgia Tech, he lived in North Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, then North Carolina again. Married for 37 years, he and his wife Ann have lived for 28 years near Kingston in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Joe is a certified Consulting Rosarian for the American Rose Society and a certified Cornell Co-op Master Gardener. He also creates software applications for stock market investors. An avid sports junkie who loves to watch volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, and softball, Joe also specializes in tutoring athletes. He understands the challenges of balancing sports with academics, whether in high school or college. In graduate school he tutored for the UNC Tar Heel Basketball and Football Teams. As a college professor at Gardner-Webb University, he was an assistant coach for the Lady Bulldogs Softball and Volleyball Teams. As for himself, Joe played volleyball, baseball, and softball. He is a leftie and used to deliver a wicked jump serve and a mean fastball.



AP Biology,

AP Calculus AB,

AP Calculus BC,

AP Chemistry,

AP Physics B,

AP Physics C,

AP Physics C: Electricity And Magnetism,

AP Physics C: Mechanics,

AP Statistics,


Regents Exam,


SAT Subject Test Biology E/M,

SAT Subject Test Chemistry,

SAT Subject Test Math 1,

SAT Subject Test Math 2,

SAT Subject Test Physics,



Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science,



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Doctor of Philosophy,



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Master of Science,

Computer Science


Languages Spoken

English (native)

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Tutoring Age Groups

College Level,

High School,

Middle School

Extended Session and Two-Student Discounts

For a single student in the same session, his or her second, third, and fourth hours are half rate at $160 per hour. I can accommodate two students, one at a time, in the same session, over a minimum four-hour period with the same discount. One-on-two-student sessions are not available.

Typical Areas Tutored

NEW YORK: Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Newburg, Middletown, Warwick, Chappaqua. CONNECTICUT: Danbury, Salisbury.

Parent Testimonial

"Dr. Joe prepared our triplets (two girls and a boy) to take their SATs. Their scores increased up to 300+ points each, and the three of them were accepted to their top choices with so much financial aid that they will be able to graduate from college with very little debt. My son, who needed a lot of work in writing and grammar, ended up being accepted to every college where he applied. Dr. Joe's professionalism, kindness, and patience made learning easy and achieved the results that we were hoping for. We are forever thankful to Dr. Joe." - M.A.M. & P.M. from New Paltz, NY

Parent Testimonial

“We were very fortunate to have Joe work with our daughter as she was preparing to apply for college. What started as SAT tutoring evolved into a close collaboration/partnership covering important life lessons and techniques to improve her critical thinking and confidence. Joe was able to develop a study program that suited her strengths and yielded great results in her scores. Our son will soon be in high school and we look forward to working with Joe again to help him prepare for both his SAT and other tests.” - R.M. from Warwick, NY

Parent Testimonial

"My daughter's SAT score went up 400 points and I was very impressed with the grammar she learned. She still tells me that "thanks to Dr. Joe, I learned the correct grammar that I didn't learn in high school". Thanks to your tutoring, she was able to achieve an A in both semesters of English Composition because she learned proper grammar and sentence structure. She is currently studying at Cornell University, which was her first choice of colleges." - C.S. from Poughkeepsie, NY

Parent Testimonial

"Dr. Joe understands the philosophy that every child has a unique learning style that, when tapped, allows them to perform at the height of their potential. After only a few months of academic assistance from Dr. Joe, our son achieved SAT I and SAT II scores within the 98-99th percentile range, resulting in a full-ride scholarship to his top choice school." - D.R. from Saugerties, NY

Parent Testimonial

"Dr Joe is patient, kind and meticulous. His calm and ordered approach to physics helped my daughter succeed and regain her confidence. He works each problem with her until she understands it. I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is simply an excellent tutor." - M. D. from Saugerties, NY

Student Testimonial

"When I lived at home, Dr. Joe helped me with my high school Chemistry and Algebra. In my first session he showed me how to use the Chemistry Periodic Table in ways that I had not learned in my classroom. The next day I made the highest grade on my Chemistry test! Three years later, while I was in college, I really had problems with my Business Statistics project. Dr. Joe helped me organize my research, analyze the data, write the report, and create visual aids. He really made me work hard, but I received an A- on my project! Today, I work in hospital operating rooms assisting surgeons with the installation of my company's lower extremity prosthetics" - Brian S. from Pheonix, AZ.

Parent Testimonial

"We had engaged Joseph to give our daughter some preparation to take the looming SAT's. His profile here certainly leads one to have high expectations, but in truth his ability to zero in precisely on the areas in which the student needs work; his apparently vast experience with both the subjects under question and the ways that the SAT is designed to test students' knowledge in them, and his clearly distilled, precise, patient, and orderly explanations of the details are exactly what we were looking for in a tutor. .... His personality, too, was a very good match for our daughter, who is a good listener and who appreciated the logical way in which each aspect of a problem was laid out. His approach almost immediately began to give her a growing sense of confidence in her ability to deal with the specific challenges of the SAT, and I could additionally imagine that the review of the subjects themselves - in particular the way it was done - will have a very positive impact on her schoolwork in general. Although studying for the SAT's involves covering a lot of ground in different areas, Joseph's approach breaks things down into manageable pieces which are in themselves made to seem accessible and almost self-evident. His manner is such that the student can clearly see he's engaged and on their side in the coming test, and I can easily envision them being able to summon his presence as a reassuring sidekick and guardian angel when faced with its challenges. In this case Joseph expects the student to do outside study in the form of taking multiple example tests, but as with other things he does, the purpose is clear and I would imagine that the student would welcome the additional work since they have actual experience of the direct connection between preparation and result during the tutoring session itself. Our daughter quite enjoyed working with him, and we feel very fortunate to have found him!" - E. S. from Kingston, NY