Utsab Das

Austin, TX

6 Years Tutoring

Helping students reach their academic and professional goals


Utsab Das is a Texas Native who began tutoring students very early on in his community. This began with a simple desire to help younger students learn math, a subject they had difficulty with in large classrooms. However, this evolved into scheduled sessions with numerous grade school students in subjects varying from grammar to trigonometry. He continued tutoring in college, working independently and as a tutor in the University of Texas Learning Center. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. He spent several years during his undergraduate education studying the application of science to real-world situations, such as using engineering and biological principles to improve the efficacy of cancer detection devices. He decided to take the Medical College Admission Test and was accepted to an MD/PhD program to continue studying these applications and helping others. While the field of medicine was intellectually stimulating, he found more passion in teaching others. As such, he returned to these roots and began working for a national test-prep company, where he helped hundreds of students improve their scores on the SAT, GRE, MCAT, and their academic courses. Ultimately, he found more meaning from helping people achieve their goals and learn new subjects and decided to leave medicine to pursue teaching and tutoring. Having tutored students for several years, Utsab has learned to tailor techniques and methods to individual students. As a someone who began as a low scoring student with test anxiety and worked to achieve high scores, he knows what it takes for someone to improve their scores and learn subjects effectively.







University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science,

Biomedical Engineering


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Small Groups

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