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Lisa Cornelio
New York, NY
Life Skills and ADHD/Executive Function Coaching, Academic Tutoring, College Essay Advising and More


Lisa Cornelio has spent over two decades side by side with ‘tweens and teens, helping them navigate the rocky seas of adolescence and develop not only better academic skills, but better life skills as well. As a tutor and a coach, Lisa helps students access their inner resources so they can better achieve their academic and personal goals, from junior high school through college and beyond.

The focus of her coaching often begins with academic tutoring, where she concentrates on students’ strengths to build practices that increase confidence, understanding, and efficiency. Within this process, she explores the dynamics and behaviors that may contribute to other issues at play, such as struggles with time management, critical thinking, and task completion. Her solutions can range from simple mindfulness exercises to daily text check-ins, to more multifaceted approaches. Parents are always included as essential partners in this journey, and many find Lisa’s coaching personally beneficial as well.

Lisa also brings her talents as a professional writer and editor to the college application process, helping her students refine their voice and craft unique and compelling essays that are honest and heartfelt rather than slick and packaged. Her understanding of the verbal sections of almost every standardized test is deep and wide; for many years she was the lead verbal instructor and trainer at the international test prep company the Princeton Review. She currently tutors test prep on a case-by-case basis.

The transition to college can be difficult for many students; having a coach can ease the way and help kids build independence and confidence rather than lean back into their parents. Similarly, when college graduation looms, Lisa's coaching can enable students to understand who they are and what they want for their futures.

Her rate may vary depending on location and services offered.


“You have a spectacular son and daughter who is about to begin navigating the landscape of college search, of essays, testing and self-evaluation. My husband and I have been in your shoes, twice (soon to be three times), and Lisa is the coach, tutor, and compassionate consultant who made the process not only successful but also - I’m not kidding! - joyful. She is thoroughly professional but brings a casual demeanor to the table; she is deeply experienced but brings a fresh eye and curious ear to each new family. She is honest but kind. And, because Lisa is such a grown-up herself, in the best sense of the word, she continues to love the complexities of being a kid, and is an ally who is armed with intelligence, wit, and wisdom.” Stacy Cochran, Manhattan

“Lisa is truly the professional’s professional in every way and has provided our family with smart and thoughtful support over the years. She’s worked closely with our three children and connected with each of them in a productive and meaningful way. She works hard to help bring out the individual voice of a student and knows how to empower them to feel good about who they are and what they have to say. Lisa is so sharp — she quickly accesses what a situation looks like, what needs to be done and then how to best get from the start to the finish. She has helped with college essay work as well as general writing skills and her impact has been tremendous. My children don’t realize it but at the same time she has served as a coach, cheerleader and believer in each of them. That is a very nice thing for a teenager to have during these competitive and challenging years. Lastly, she is such a nice person and cares about families so much that I have really enjoyed and benefitted personally by having her in our lives. In this crazy fast paced life of NYC, it is a gift to have such a well-rounded good person in the mix helping my children.” Amanda, Manhattan


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Princeton University
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature

New York University
Master of Social Work

Age Groups

Adult 26-64, Career Development, College Level, Graduate Level, High School, Middle School, Preteen 10-12, Senior 65+, Teen 13-19, Young Adult 20-25

Special Needs Skills

ADD/ADHD, Aspergers syndrome, Behavioral disabilities, Dyslexia, General learning disability, Gifted